Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Pet in the House

Ten days ago John found this little bird (above) huddled in the middle of the street. He picked it up and brought it home for our 6 yo granddaughter, who loves all creatures. At first we all thought it was a baby dove but as time goes by, we are convinced it is a starling, a pied starling to be exact. The task of feeding this little mite four times a day has fallen to Debbie and me. We use a syringe filled with instant porridge cereal called Pro Nutro. The little bird, which gd has named Rosie, is thriving on it. In between mealtimes, she sleeps on an old cloth in a cat carrier in a sunny spot in the house. Speaking of which, not one of my cats want to know this strange little creature who flaps her wings and squeaks excitedly when her dinner is about to be served. I only pray that if she becomes part of the Hedges menagerie, she learns to stay out of reach of nasty claws and teeth!

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  1. Sweet bird! Hope it lives long and happily.

  2. What an uplifting post! It's wonderful to see people who care so much about the creatures. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  3. Well how sweet---to save that little birdie. Your granddaughter must be really good to animals. I just hope the cat doesn't try to 'grab' Rosie!!!!

    Our dog caught a Blue Jay once. She didn't eat it--but did kill it. That was years ago when I lived in Texas.

    We're heading home today--but then I leave again on Tuesday for my Girls' Week with childhood friends. We're going to Maggie Valley. It will be fun---but I'm 'tarred' of all of this traveling... ha

    They also say that we may have gotten frost at home last night. Hope the Roses/flowers are okay... Gads!!!!


  4. Nice job. It's not easy to raise birds.

  5. Hi ladyfi;) thanks, so do I!

    Hi JD and Max;) yes, the humans in this household are softies all round. Thanks for the snuggles.

    Hi Betsy;) thanks, we also hope Rosie learns to evade the [many] cats. Eddy, the JR Terrier is a blighter when it comes to birds and has caught them before. Also just to kill. Aw, I hope you have a wonderful trip with the girls. Can't wait to hear about your travels. (((Hugs)))

    Hi Gaelyn;) I agree, my dil had two doves (at one time) last year.They really grew well, were so tame and thriving on all the good food and love when their second JR Terrier, Jessie ate them. A real tragedy! Birds are very difficult to save and then to keep safe! I cannot think what they will do with Rosie... Thanks for popping in. I intend to do a lot of blog visiting this week.

  6. Will Rosie have her very own cage some day?

    I remember your cage saga of the past month. I'm sure in SA you can find one easily!

  7. Hi Pat;) good to see you. I'll be back in the Sudan when Rosie is ready to fly away. My son intends to release her at the river away outside town then. I just don't want to think about gd's tears. She's still thinks she can "keep" all creatures. It is so simple to find a cage here compared to in Khartoum. (((Hugs))) Jo


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