Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Equestrian Extraordinaire!

A few months ago I had a post about a family weekend in the mountains. (here) I also posted photos of the horses at the Youth with a Mission station where we visited John and Debbie at the time. I also mentioned there how, even though I love all creatures, I am absolutely petrified of horses. I cannot ride a horse (even though I took part in and completed a 60km/4o mile cross-country horse safari a few years ago) and I have no desire to ride a horse.

John, our oldest son, seems to take after me. (My husband is an accomplished equestrian, although he, like me and our children, prefers "iron horses" these days) Scrolling through some of Debbie's photos last night, I came across this scene above and almost fell off my office chair with laughter! There are other photos following this one, where John has our grandson on the horse in front of him. I tried to work out what he was doing in this photo.

I'm wondering if I should ask him.


  1. Seems like your current "iron horse" has only two wheels. I used to enjoy riding, but it's really hard on the butt. Now a motorcycle, that would be fine.

    Go ahead, ask him.

  2. Maybe he was just relaxing while getting ready for his son to join him... HA HA... Isn't it fun to look at old photos??? There are so many memories...


  3. Lol! He looks like he's trying to get the horse's attention, but the horse is more interested in your grandson and the person carrying him.

  4. I simply love your new header photo, Jo ! Please also tell me if Debbie has a blog as you mentioned something in one of your posts the other day about Debbie posting on her blog ? I tell you what, I'll climb Kilimanjaro & you can horseback ride the route up to the summit - we'd both be doing things we enjoy that way - how does that sound ?!

  5. It does look funny. I am with you and prefer to look at horses rather than ride them.

  6. Hi Gaelyn:) all I remember of the horse safari I partook of, is the horsy smell in my nostrils and the incredibly painful butt I had for many days!

    I agree Betsy;) old photos bring back many memories.I'm doing a post of Friday in which I applaud the beautiful son we have in John!

    I agree, Esther. The other photos show that he sits a horse very well, but I thought this image would conjure up many comments!

    Hi Lynda: I decided to change my header photo while I'm still in SA (there has been a delay in our return, posting about it tomorrow!) Yes, Debbie has a beautiful blo; she 's champing at the bit because she has so little time to blog! LOL at the Kili, horse riding comment! You know how I feel, eh?

    Yes, diane; I agree. Horses are there for me to photograph and look at on other people's blogs!

  7. Maybe he's leaning over to give the horse a treat, or adjust a bridle. He looks at ease on the horse, even if at first glance it might seem that he's about to fall off!

  8. Janie, you're right. He is quite at ease riding a horse, and the photos of him with gs on the horse with him, shows this!


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