Saturday, October 24, 2009

Young Bikers

As can be seen from this post, motorcycling runs in the our family. Here granddaughter rides her 50cc PeeWee around my garden.
Above, granddaughter approaches the garage. The larg [er] red motorbike on the left, is mine but my sons and dil's have more fun riding it than I do!
Three year-old grandson gets onto the back of his sister's PeeWee. My husband's motorbike is just visible behind them, while John and Debbie's off - road motorcycles are in the next door garage

Above, the young pillion has to get off the PeeWee, his sister turns it, and then he alights before they both ride down the driveway again

My husband and I are off on a short bike ride this weekend. Hopefully when we return our visas will be waiting on the e-mail!


  1. Grandaughter looks very confident, even with a passenger. I haven't ridden or owned a bike in years. Have a great ride and hope the visas arrive.

  2. That is just cuteness personified, and I'm impressed that she's able to handle to bike so young

  3. the kids are so cute on their Pee Wee bike. Hope you and your husband have a fun ride and return to find those visas have arrived!


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