Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nature's Rewards

Yesterday while discussing the day's tasks with my gardeners, I spotted a bird on the lawn. It was foraging just a few meters from where we were chatting and not at all concerned with the human proximity. I dashed to fetch my camera and as I focussed on the bird, I realised it was a juvenile Cape Robin-Chat. I managed to take quite a number of photos, and although the young bird was aware of my presence, it was not at all afraid of me.
We have many Cape Robin-Chats in our garden. In fact the very first call in the morning is that of the Cape Robin-Chat. Also, if I'm in the garden when darkness falls, the Cape Robin-Chat can be heard from the trees in my garden, providing the last sound of the day: wurr-de-dur. This is actually its alarm call. The real song of a Cape Robin-Chat is melodious. This bird is also a capable mimic.
I know this youngster has been bred in our garden; I need to find the nest it came from. When I do, I will photograph it and post about it (what else? LOL!)
I couldn't help snapping away at this cheerful young bird. It gave me ample opportunity to do so!
Above the Robin-Chat scrummages in the thick compost which has been laid in my garden. He kept looking up at me and hopping a little ahead to scratch for food again.
It was great for me to be able to capture these images. Adult birds are a lot more suspicious and you don't get good photos.
Long may you live in my garden, little lad. Next year you may breed your own young here. I look forward to seeing them!

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  1. oh wow! a brave kid! and those captures are lovely too!

  2. I love birds! It's the one thing I miss the most during winter in Sweden, the sounds of birds. They make nature come alive!

  3. Gosh - it's looking right at you!

  4. Oh Jo---he is looking at you begging for your love and help. Isn't he a cutie???? Hope he found his Mama and family... GREAT pictures.

  5. He's a beautiful little bird and appears quite friendly, too.

  6. What a delight to get so many great captures of this young robin.

    Love the new hearder, where I can see a face in the rock bluff.

  7. a good day to you.
    lovely captures of the little fellow...quite nice looking he/she is.

  8. He looks very much like our mockingbird here - even the mimicing! Nice photos of the little bird.

  9. Wonderful photos, it looks like it was even posing for you. Thanks for sharing your pretty bird.


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