Thursday, October 22, 2009

Little People

While we're waiting at home for our visas to come through for the Sudan, the grandchildren have enjoyed having gran and granddad at home. Last week my husband gave each child a block of wood, a few nails and a hammer. This activity kept them busy for hours.


  1. How fun to have your little people around, and for them to be so easily entertained.

  2. Hi Jo,
    Isn't it wonderful that children can have so much fun with just simple things instead of fancy toys? Very cute picture.
    Sunny :)

  3. Your little ones are adorable. It is amazing how kids can be entertained by such simple activities.

  4. That is a great idea rather than plastic toys. Good on you grandad.

  5. I agree, Gaelyn, this time home has been so blessed with the family living with us.

    Sunny, these little ones hang around their granddad after school and he keeps them entertained while actually training them up in life skills!

    Thanks Dedene;) good to see you again.

    I agree diane;) the plastic toys break so easily whereas this project has kept them entertained for hours at a time.

  6. I remember giving our kids a similar carpentry project when they were little. They seem to love the simple things best.


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