Thursday, October 8, 2009

Man proposes but God disposes...

Today is the day we were due to fly back to the Sudan. Well, we're still at home in South Africa. Our visas are still not ready; they should be ready in the next day or two. So we probably will fly out after the weekend.

While I'm pleased to have a little more time at home, especially with our precious family, I'm a type of person who likes things to go according to plan. Now I have to exercise patience and make good use of the remaining time here at home.

At the same time, my trusty laptop suddenly started doing strange things last week. It would turn off while I was in the middle of blogging. It would turn on again and most times my e-mails would "hang" Our younger son, Angus, who is the IT specialist in the area, has taken my machine home. He will let me know tomorrow what the outcome of his diagnosis is. I have been a bit stressed out about this, and once again, I have had to trust God.

I am using John's desktop computer whenever it is free.

Meanwhile, my husband and I are travelling up to Johannesburg on Friday. He has business to attend to there.

To bring a little serenity and normalcy into my life, I have posted a beautiful photo which John took in the Drakensberg mountains a few months ago.


  1. What a lovely picture. I hope things go smoothly for you. Sometimes I think computers have a mind of their own!
    Take care.
    Sunny :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the delay and puter. Patience can be OK if we go with the flow.
    I want to hike in the Drakenbergs when there. So gorgeous. Safe journey, when it happens.

  3. Beautiful photo of the mountains. Maybe it's good that your trip was delayed so your son will have time to fix the laptop.
    I always get frustrated when things don't go according to plan, too.

  4. Oh the myriad of challenges we have in life! Hang in there.

  5. Beautiful photo, Jo... Patience is one of the hardest things for me too... There are so many times when I need to be more patient-and struggle with it.

    Hopefully your computer will be okay...

    Good Luck with your travels.

  6. Hi Sunny, I love my computer but it can frustrating when it doesn't want to "play"!

    Hi Gaelyn;) you are going to LOVE the Drakensberg. Being so fit, you'll be able to do more than just "little 'berg" hikes. #

    Janie, you are so right. All things happen for the good of those who love the Lord. I know that He knew I'd still be home when the computer needed reparing...

    Hi Loran, thanks for the encouragement. I'm using Debbie's laptop at the moment - a beautiful new, up to date machine but it still takes getting used to not having your own mouse or keyboard...

    Hi Betsy I'm normally very patient, (Galatians 5:22) but feel out of kilter without my own things around me. Another discipline to raise me from my comfort zone! (lol!) How are you holding up?

  7. Jo, I understand your impatience with bad organization. But it sounds like you are taking the delay in stride.
    Have a lovely trip. Hope your computer is fixable!

  8. Very pretty scenery and sky. Hopefully everything will be back to normal for you soon.


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