Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Last week, while taking photos in my garden, I came across this peaceful scene: our six year-old granddaughter sitting on the bench with Chip, our eleven-year-old cat, both in relaxed mode. I thought it was a precious photo and wanted to share it here. Hope you like it too...


  1. Love this candid shot of the meditation of child and cat. Your pond is invitingly tranquil.

  2. Hi Jo, a very special photo and one she will love someday when she is older. I walked around the golf course with the dogs, what a peaceful place and a great amenity to have close by

  3. Yes, absolutely Gaelyn. This scene was so serene and tranquil I just had to preserve it.

    Hi Peggy; good to see you. I agree, we were on the golf course again today. I went without my camera and could kick myself. Even though it's the same course, the scenes were totally different today from last week. thanks for popping in. (((Hugs)))


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