Monday, October 5, 2009

Spring/Early Summer Garden

Coming home to South Africa in mid-September was a real blessing for me. All the fruit trees were in flower, the grass was beginning to sprout green shoots and the shrubs and perennials were bursting into fresh foliage and flower.

I walked outside on Thursday and found Eddy sporting a pansy corsage. Our older granddaughter who loves flowers, picked a bloom and tucked it into Eddy's collar!
Gradually over the past fortnight the garden has become soft and lush. Last week we had 20mm of rain which arrived with perfect timing. John and I had planted a selection of vegetable seeds and as well as planting out two perennial basil plants which I'd grown from slips during the winter months.

The herbaceous garden under the apricot trees on the far side of the garden, is cool and green. The arum lilies blooming with wild strawberries and violets creating a thick carpet underfoot.

I know when I arrive back home at the end of December, it will be mid-summer and we will enjoy another beautiful season with our precious family.


  1. Your garden is so lush, nice that you got to return to enjoy the beginnings. I'll bet it's hard to leave behind. But sounds like you'll be back in plenty of time for harvest.

  2. Hello Jo. These are wonderful blooms and captures!. Your garden must be awesome!
    You make link your post at Today's flower.
    Please click"TODAY'S FLOWER"
    Have great week.
    Regards.God bless.

  3. Such lovely flowers.Our garden is done for this year and most of my flowers have gone by.
    Please show us more when you return.
    Sunny :)

  4. Your garden looks and sounds lovely. Wish we had some rain all ourplants are shrivelling.

  5. Hi Jo, Thanks for your kind words on the death of my brother. I really appreciated them.

    Your 'spring' flowers are so pretty. And Eddie looks like a cutie with his spring collar. ha

    Have a great day/night.

  6. Since it's now fall here, it's so nice to enjoy spring in your part of the world. Beautiful garden!


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