Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Walking the Dogs

Our home here in South Africa is situated two doors from the Marquard Golf Club. On non-golfing days (any day except Wednesdays or Saturdays) we take the dogs for a walk on the course. We have them all on leashes until we enter the gate at the 17th hole. (pictured above)

As soon as all three dogs are free, Eddy hurtles down to the rough, where with hopping movements, she begins to hunt. Megan runs as fast as she can on her short little legs to try and keep up, while Angie lopes along like the graceful young lady she is.

Above is the rough where Eddy loves to hunt

Heading for home. The first row of houses at the edge of the golf course is just visible

The dogs make good use of the last few minutes of freedom

Bluegum trees, although not indigenous to South Africa, are always part of the scenery

Angie having a wonderful time on fairway

Willow trees, also not natural in South Africa, are also prolific in the Free State

Marquard golf course, a peaceful place to be

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  1. When I lived in an urban environment I used to walk in golf courses.

  2. Hi Jo, The Willow tree is awesome. What a great place for your dogs to run.
    Always a pleasure to read your posts.
    Sunny :)

  3. Interesting post and love your photos! Always fun walking the dogs!! Great shots!



  4. Have a nice entertaiment with dogs and environment.Landscape looklike paradise,best and longlife wishes,stay well.

  5. Beautiful endless spaces - perfect for a walk, both for dogs and man!!

  6. awww...i can imagine having the grand time! Wish our dogs have the same space that your dogs have to run wild into :) the place is really beautiful and you captured it well.

    My world is here.

  7. I'm sure your dogs loved the freedom to run. And it is good exercise for them. I lov ethe willow tree.

  8. How wonderful for the dogs to be able to run free!

    And that willow tree is pretty amazing.

  9. It's lovely for dogs to have the room to run. You're lucky to have this space that's open to dogs. It's a nice neighborhood.

  10. What a lovely place to live, and it looks like great fun for the dogs! I lived near a golf course when I was a teenager and I loved to walk on it in the cool of the evening in the summertime.

  11. We lived on a golf course too once and let the dog run when it was allowed! Nice plce for them to play.

  12. Hi Gaelyn, we are still blessed here in our town, that the golf course has not become a golfing estate. These are springing up all over South Africa and Marquard narrowly avoided having one a few years ago.

    Thanks Sunny, I wish we were back in the Sudan already (Soon, *sigh*) and I could visit all my blogging friends again.

    Yes, Sylvia; our dogs go crazy when we take out the leashes and head out into the street. Walking on the golf course is the best favourite though!

    Hi Ilhami Uyar: good to see you again. Thanks for the visit and the good wishes.

    Hi Esther, yes, it reminds us of being back in West Africa where our cat used to come walking with us!

    Hi Marites;) welcome. I'll pop onto your blog soon .

    Hi Eileen, we've always walked our dogs and they always reach ripe old ages! The willow trees are so calm and peaceful looking.

    Hi ladyfi: Thanks for visiting. As I said above to Sunny, I hope to be back in North Africa soon where I have L O N G days to blog and visit other blogs!

    Hi Dedene! Good to see you again. We are truly blessed with a good neighbourhood. How is the weather in France? Are you freezing yet? Warm (((Hugs))) from Sunny South Africa!

    Hi Pat;) that's exactly IT. Lovely open spaces for our dogs to run and cool and calming for the humans!

    Hi wmcmountainliving;) We have had a few encounters with people picking greens (the locals eat a wild spinach-like bush, called Marog which grows out in the fields)and Megan of ALL dogs, tried to chase a lady last week. Fortunately the lady was so sweet and spoke kindly to Megan who ran back to me in confusion!

  13. So fortunately to have a nice place to walk your dogs. I walk mine every morning through the leafy streets of Brooklyn Pretoria but there is not much space for a good run. My old black lab is finding it more and more difficult to walk. It breaks my heart!

  14. looks like a great place to visit. i love how the blues and the greens complement each other.

  15. How I wish my dogs have a chance to run free like they do. Bangkok is such a dog unfriendly place, they are not even allow to enter the park.


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