Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Best Treat of All

Three dogs on no 5 watching the mower in action

It's always SOOO much fun to come to the golf course with mum (Click on image to enlarge and see how the dogs bound along)

I have come to realise that the best treat I can give our three dogs is to take them to the golf course. I have not been able to do this since I posted on Scenic Sunday last week as we have had violent thunderstorms every afternoon since then. Lightning has claimed many a life in the Free State (where we live) and it's not a good idea to be out in the open during a storm.

On Friday, however, the weather was perfect so I hitched the dogs onto their leashes and off we went. Dogs are so forgiving: they don't remind me that I've neglected them for a week; they merely seize the day (and the opportunity) and today they bounded onto the golf course, racing down to the dam where they always have a huge amount of fun.

I had a wonderful time just enjoying the warm sunshine and the beautiful scenery as always. And of course, I had my camera with me and snapped away. I captured Angie and Eddy hurtling along the water's edge, just letting off some of their energy and having a good time.

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  1. Looks like a beautiful day for a romp. The great thing about dogs is their joyfulness. No matter what is offered, they're happy.

  2. I'm happy your storms are over and you were able to get out and take a walk with your dogs.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment.

    I've just had a lovely long chilly walk on the golf course with my dog! So lovely for them to be able to run free in such wide open spaces!

  4. You seem to have a house full of animals any room left for humans? Its great they have plenty of room for a run and a romp.

  5. Hi Janie, dogs could teach us a few things about not "taking offence"

    Hi Eileen, the storms were over and have started up again. Normal for this time of the year and the rain is appreciated.

    Ladyfi;) I cannot imagine cool weather in the midst of our summer. I'm glad you could get out with the dogs.

    Hoo boy diane;) I do have plenty of animals around (I have gd's pet hamster running around the keyboard as I type - I'm babysitting him while the family is on holiday) However there is still a little space for the humans. (and we're often more than a dozen on the yard in one given day- the old woman who lived in the shoe, that's me!) Thanks for visiting.


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