Friday, December 11, 2009

The Morning after the Storm

For more beautiful skies, click here.


  1. Stunning photo Jo, those clouds look magical.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  2. A beautiful sky, like a gift after the storm. Excellent capture Jo.

  3. It is a beautiful sky. And the start to a great day I'm sure. Happy skywatching.

  4. Thanks Guy, your images always motivate me too,

    Hi Gaelyn;) like you, I quite enjoy storms and have to remind myself to come indoors before it becomes dangerous.

    It was a lovely day, Eileen.

    Hi Sheba; thanks for you kind comment Off to see your blog

  5. A beautiful stormy sky - and the bird on the wire is a nice touch!

    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  6. Great shot of a dramatic and moody sky!

  7. Thanks Three Rivers; I also enjoyed the birdd on the wire. It's a pigeon which is a reasonably sized bird, but seems dwarfed by the ominous sky.

    Hi JBar. Thanks for visiting.

    Hi Janie, our skies are so different every couple of hours and wonderful to photograph.


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