Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Train of Thought

I took the above photo on the first day of our recent motorbike trip.

My son, John worked at sea for Maersk (
see here) for fifteen years before coming home to be with his young wife and family (see here) so this scene set off a train of thought into the past. I just had to photograph it.

For more scenes around the world, click here.


  1. Clever title for your post. Interesting reading about your son. Are they still lving away from you?

  2. It is a clever title for your post. How cool and exciting to go on a motorcycle trip. I would love to see more scenes from your trip.

  3. Hi diane;) thanks, I popped over to your blog and answered your question...

    Hi Wenn;) welcome to my blog. Thanks for you kind comment

    Hi Eileen;) thanks, it was an AWESOME trip and I'm trying to get my biking blog up and running. Will soon publish the link for all to see.


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