Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Light and Perfection

Browsing through my photos yesterday, I lingered on this one. I love that the sunlight is filtered through the leaves, lighting up the perfection of the fruit


  1. Nice capture Jo. The one leaf looks almost transparent. Ah, more apricots.

  2. Beautiful! (At what time did you take the photo? Sun just rising?)

    This new blog of yours was my inspiration... - my apricots are on the stove and busy cooking!:)

  3. Just beautiful, Jo .... you are such a good photographer. I also keep meaning to tell you that I really like your new blog header photo, too .... so much detail - really lovely. Have a wonderful day :) xx

  4. yes you are right the light is perfect , the fruit too.

  5. Lovely picture, perfect lighting.
    Sunny :)

  6. Thanks Gaelyn;) I went back and looked at the photo - you're right. It does look transparent - almost ethereal?

    Hi Ida;) dankie vriendin. Ek was onder die indruk dat ek die foto vroegoggend geneem het. Toe gaan maak ek seker op my "images" Dis NET voor ses in die aand. Kan jy dit glo? Mmm, ek kan al sien hoe lekker is jou konfyt.

    Thanks Lynda, you are so sweet! Thanks for always visiting me.

    Hi diane;) thanks for visiting. I managed to have a GOOD browse throuhg your posts last night. Lovely.

    Hi Sunny;) Good to see you again. I love your amazing photos: you inspire me


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