Friday, December 18, 2009

Line of Sight

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  1. I like the composition of this, with the tracks and the lines leading to the horizon. Beautiful sky!

  2. Hi Regina;) thanks for your kind comment.

    Thanks Janie;) While I was on the tracks taking the photo, my husband cautioned me about trains which might come. I almost pooh-poohed him. A minute later I clambered down the bank and next minute a train came screaming by! Phew!

  3. Lovely picture even if it was a bit dangerous.

  4. I was just going to say be careful taking those shots. It is very good though.

  5. Beautiful composition!! I'm glad your husband was with you! Here in Niger, we don't have a single railway to my knowledge so donkey carts will have to do the job!

  6. Let's see, if I follow these tracks and phone/electric lines, I'll fall off. :D Good shot.

  7. This is a great shot of parallel perspective...I love these lines rushing to the horizon...very nice sky too...

  8. Great picture.
    Sorry I have fallen behind with my comments.
    Sunny :)

  9. A picture with a lot of depth in it, very nice composition!

  10. Thanks Kerry;) glad to meet you.

    Hi diane; it's called living on the edge LOL! Thanks for your comment

    Thanks Esther, you're right, I never saw railway lines in West Africa either! Good to see you again!

    Hi Sunny;) I always love hearing from you. I've been "away" from my computer so not commenting too often either.

    Hi Gaelyn; thanks for popping in

    Hi Lyn;) good to meet you!

    Hello Carol;) yes, I agree: I loved the way lines ran ahead to the horizon

    Thanks Dirk: that comment from you is a great compliment.

  11. Great image. The trains track and the sky make a wonderful photo!


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