Monday, December 21, 2009

From Generation to Generation

Recently I read an interesting article in a magazine. The subject, called "From one generation to the next" was what we can teach our children. We should be teaching them how to handle money, how to have respect for themselves and others,to have a sense of humour, to show gratitude, to mind their manners and many more.

What piqued my interest, however, was a box at the side of the article which said: "Top 5 things not to pass down to our children"

Here they are:

Debt - Don't expect children to clean up after your mishaps and mistakes.

Prejudice - Here in South Africa we live in a country full of history and diverse people and cultures. Discrimination and intolerance for others leads to hatred and forgets to respect others, forgets open-mindedness and manners.

Receding hairline - Every family has some kind of ailment passed down from generation to generation to a selected few in the family. This is out of your hands, but in the name of Jesus you can cut off those ailments, believing that God will honour your faith and it will not be passed onto your offspring.

A health-hazardous habit - Bad eating habits, smoking or drinking or any other negative lifestyle habit you may acquire in your lifetime, is best stopped with you. For the sake of your little ones, give up any bad habits, replacing them with positive ones. Your children always emulate you. No use saying do as I say. Rather DO the right thing and they will follow suit.

Fear - Whether you are afraid of spiders or failure, your fears should not be passed onto the next generation. Encourage yourself and your children to overcome fears by reciting this amazing Scripture:

"[For God has said:] I will never fail you. I will never forsake you." Hebrews 13:5

Source (with adaptions by me) Weigh-Less magazine (Summer 2009 Edition)


  1. That sounds like 5 good hints. In answer to your question: I sometimes put leaves into the compost but not all of them all of the time. They take an awful long time to break down and they can alter the ph level. I put them in a garden bag which gets emptied every month at the dump where they have a mulching section which they then give away free if you want to shovel it yourself.

  2. I wonder sometimes if many parents are aware of these things. These ideas should be printed on a contract that every parent has to sign when they get pregnant.

    My faith in human nature is shaky today.

  3. Beautiful image of that little flower...nice side lighting. And a thought provoking post also...


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