Saturday, December 26, 2009

Slow Down - God wants to talk to you

Are you always rushing around - never taking the time to slow down and hear what the Lord has to say. God is calling His people this day to "Stand still". What are some of the things that He is waiting to impart? The Scriptures have several examples.

Below is the first of a series of that I will share under this label over the next few weeks.

What the Lord commands concerning you and your family:

Numbers 9:8 says: "And Moses said to to [the Israelites]: 'Stand still and I will hear what the Lord commands concerning you. "

God wants to reveal to your His mind on the matters concerning you. But in order to know this, you must take time to consider this - seeking council at His feet. You cannot determine the "way to take" according to your own fancies or affectations. Every circumstance must be weighed in the light of His Holy Word.

May you find strength in these words to ascertain the direction of your family's life by "being still" and hearing God's voice.



  1. Beautiful message Jo. Thank you for sharing.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks Regina;) many blessings and love at this special time,

  3. I wish happy and healty years you and your family members.


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