Saturday, April 10, 2010

Back to the Sudan

As this post is aired this morning, we will be on our way to Johannesburg. We are travelling up by car (Angus and Amanda are driving us) and will catch the 14h15 Ethiopian Airways flight to Khartoum via Addis Ababa. If our departure time is delayed (which it often is) we may miss our connection in Addis Ababa and have to stay overnight. When this happened to me on my trip in January, I spent the next day touring this beautiful Ethiopian city with a in a taxi. You can read about this here, if you wish.

As soon as we have set up our Sudanese Internet connection, I will be back online to blog, read blogs and comment.

Until then, may you all be blessed and remain safe in the Lord.


  1. I look forward to next post.
    Be safe.
    Sunny :)

  2. Hope you have a safe journey without too many unplanned adventures. Blessings.

  3. Jo, wishing you safe & speedy travels back to the Sudan, my friend ... I also wanted to tell you (thought I'd commented on your previous post but hadn't) that the recent photo's you posted of your South African adventures are absolutely breathtaking - just lovely and capture the mood of the place so beautifully !

  4. Have a safe trip and hear from you soon.

  5. Have a safe trip. Look forward to your posts!

  6. Have a safe trip, Jo, and I'll be waiting to hear from you...

  7. May you, too, be blessed and safe in the Lord's hands, Jo.


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