Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthdays, Land prospects and Mountain scenery

If you enlarge the above photo, you can see how the children are enjoying "camping" Our littlest granddaughter is just visible under granddad's left leg! What bliss, whether you're one-, three- or seven years old, to be able to play in the sand under the glorious African sun on the wide open space of your parent's land in the 'Berg

Two years ago our older son, John left his lucrative job in the merchant navy and came home to be with his wife and family. You can read more about this here. and here. Last year they moved into my home for nine months while Debbie completed granddaughter number one's first year of home schooling.

Last month they moved onto their land in the Drakensberg to set in place the dream both John and Debbie have had for many years. They wanted to live in the Drakensberg and view the mountains from their front door.

Above and below are photos of their new life on their own piece of paradise in the mountains. As they are still in the process of erecting the first building, they are living in a caravan. The children are loving it, as you can see from the photos, (I mean, which child doesn't like camping?) while the majestic Cathkin Peak rises up like a beautiful painting their "living room wall".

While building their own dwelling, Debbie continues to homeschool the children and in between John takes groups of people hiking in the Drakensberg.

Above is John, with my husband, Grant's back to the photo and my brother, who is helping John with the building.
While visiting the family over the weekend, we celebrated two birthdays. Oldest granddaughter's, who turned seven and youngest granddaughter's who was one on the same day. In the photo above granddaughter and grandson open their gifts (we believe in giving all the siblings gifts on the other's birthdays). The littlest Hedges girl was in her dad's arms and not in the photo. Debbie arranged a braai (barbeque) and snacks for family and friends at a popular resort in the mountain valley.
Debbie looking beautiful in her seventh month of pregancy, tries (unsuccessfully) to light the birthday cake in the wind. The children watch intently. Debbie's dad, Mike is in the background
Back at the beautiful cottage, on a farm adjacent to John and Debbie's land, where Grant and I stayed for the weekend, the children had a great time "riding" granddad's motorbike
Granddaughter and granddad off to the dam for a spot of fishing

As this post is aired, we will be 200km/125miles down the road in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park. We want to do one more bike trip before the end of our holiday and will be camping and hiking in this beautiful area for the next two nights.
Here's wishing ay you all a blessed Easter.


  1. Lovely scenery, wish I could be there. Nice blog too.

  2. It is certainly a beautiful place to live. Good luck to all of them in the future.

  3. Oh how I admire your son and daughter-in-law---for changing their lives so that they could follow their dreams. So many people cannot do that---or are afraid to do it. That is such gorgeous land... I'm sure their home will be gorgeous once they complete it.

    Glad you all are getting to see lots of family --and also can have some 'holiday' time during this trip.

    Happy Easter, Jo.

  4. What breathtakingly beautiful photos/views these are, Jo. Wow, I have the greatest admiration for your DIL living in a caravan with young children AND being pregnant ... she is an amazing woman ! Looks like the little ones had a wonderful birthday party, too :)

  5. I would not mind for such a view!!

    Jy kan trots wees op jou kinders wat so luister na die stem van die Here. Wil nog daar gaan klim voor die einde van die jaar!

  6. John & Debs landscape is to die for, love the view of the Bergs. The kids look like they truly enjoy their caravan lifestyle. No surprise, they are all wonderful kids and glad I got to meet them. Can't wait to see the house, chalet and accomodations when finished.


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