Monday, April 26, 2010

Khartoum Birds

Put my right foot out...

Last week I was up on the roof photographing the sunrise when a resident pair of feral pigeons landed on the opposite parapet wall.

No dear. Like this: you put your left foot out...

Focussing on them, I captured these images (photos 1 - 4)

Shake it all about...
Do the hokey pokey with me!

A few minutes later I came downstairs to our apartment balcony. I wanted to see if any birds had arrived at the fruit platter I place on the wall every morning. I was abundantly rewarded by two Common Bulbuls; one who had come in to land and the second one flicking a piece of banana into its mouth. (See its tongue clearly visible in the photo below)


I'm on guard

Waiting his turn at the fruit was a little sparrow (above).

Me? I'm a laughing dove. Ha-ha!

As I panned along the rail, I spotted this laughing dove who always comes for the seed which spills from the budgies' cage. Rather a serious looking laughing dove, I thought!

I've been using my new Canon Powershot. While I'm managing to get clear shots across a reasonable distance, I am struggling with colour. Any suggestions and/or criticism from my readers will be most welcome.

Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. What a great bunch of action bird shots. That last one is really giving you the look. Don't know what to tell you about the color.

  2. Jo, the dogs, cats and birds of Khartoum are SO lucky to have you :) Wishing you a wonderful week ....

  3. Hi Jo,thank you for your recent comment on my blog.The birds and your interpretation of their strutting is so funny, they provide such interest when they come to visit.

  4. I love all your birds, it is cool to see birds from other countries. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great shots of the birds and a funny text. I can't help with the colour either other than change the amount of light getting in or adjust white balance may help. Also in bright desert light you may need a filter.


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