Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cheering up with Garden Scenes from home

No, I'm not depressed. I'm very happy and contented to be back in the Sudan. As Betsy from Tennesee said, "You're where you're needed, right?" Absolutely.

It's just that the weather has turned very hot here in the Sudan with the onset of dust storms. The air is heavy with dust and the sun, although baking down, is not at all visible. I will photograph a dust storm soon and post it on this blog. Meanwhile, I just felt I had to browse through my recent garden photos and enjoy the cool lushness of each scene. Of course, the animals were there as well. (Just to give my heartstrings and extra twinge! The three the dogs and two of the seven cats.

Chip and Clarice after a drink from the pond

Angie and Eddy (the latter's tail in corner of photo) sniff for interesting creatures. I leave this small part of the garden to grow wild and am rewarded by robins and thrushes who enjoy scummaging there for grubs and other insects

Angie wades through the pond while having a drink

Angie and Chip rest in the shade beside the ponds

Clarice, Megan and Eddy enjoying the sunshine


  1. Yes---you are where you need to be, although the differences in the two places are like night and day. I would be like you though.... I'd want to be where my husband is. I'm proud of you, Jo....

    Beautfiul pictures of your gardens and your 'babies'...

  2. I can see why you'd day dream about your lush green garden and four legged friends when the dust blows. It would be interesting to see a dust storm, but I'll settle with your pictures if you're brave enough to take the New camera out. So why did you get a different camera anyway?

  3. Hi Jo,
    Lovely reminders of your beautiful garden and dear animals.
    Sunny :)

  4. I can imagine that it is difficult to be so far from your home, however Angie is correct... you are where you are needed, and no matter what happens, home will be waiting for your return, with the beautiful gardens, and the wonderful animals. .:hugs:.

  5. Beautiful, lush, green photo's Jo ... my favourite is the 2nd one !

  6. It must be hard to get your feet back on the ground after such an adventurous holiday. It is nice to look at photos to help you feel better. Good luck in the future . Hopefully the dust storms wont be too bad.

  7. Thanks Betsy, the difference is so vast, I have to swallow hard when I look at photos from home... Thanks for your kind and encouraging words. (((Hugs)))

    Hi Gaelyn;) I have posted about the new camera - coming up tomorrow! Blessings.

    Hi Sunny;) I took many many photos of garden and pets (they're always around when I'm in the garden) so that I could look at them from here. Warms the heart!

    Hi Grant;) thanks for the encouraging words

    Hi Lynda:) I knew you would like it! Thanks for popping in. I'm tryng to catch up on my comments and blogging and reading other blogs. (((Hugs))) Jo

    Hi diane;) it's been a bit different, I must say but I'm settled and busy with many projects already, not least of all getting back to learning Arabic! Thanks for popping in.


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