Monday, April 12, 2010

Last day in South Africa

Chip settles down to wait for our return in four months time...
Angie is on guard already...

Early on Saturday morning, while waiting for younger son, Angus and Amanda to arrive (they drove us up to Johannesburg to catch our flight to Khartoum), I wandered around my garden one last time. Of course, a couple of pets accompanied me and some even got into the pictures I was taking!

Megan wonders whether she should eat some of the surplus cookies I put out for them in the garage

While enjoying a last cup of tea at Oliver Tambo International, Angus had fun testing my new camera which has a very strong zoom lens. (More about the camera later)
We had delicious Strawberry Cheesecake and Black Forest cake, which all four of us shared (and I forgot to photograph!) with a last cup of tea before boarding our flight
Our Ethiopian flight took off on schedule, we made our connection in Addis Ababa easily (our luggage was even tranferred) and we arrived in Khartoum at 11.30pm. By 12.15, my passport had been stamped with my visitors' visa (Grant, who is a permanent resident of the Sudan, goes straight through and had collected our luggage) and we were soon on our way to our "other" home in Omdurman!
Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes and travel blessings.


  1. Hi Jo,
    You lead such an interesting life, it's an adventure.
    It must be difficult to leave your pets behind for such a long time though.
    Be safe.
    Sunny :)

  2. So glad you made it home. Looking forward to more of your Sudanese adventures.

  3. It is difficult to leave the pets, children and grandchildren behind, Sunny. However, we have our pet budgies here in Khartoum which I have posted about in tomorrow's post. Thanks for always visiting and wishing me well. Visit you soon.

    Hi Joyful;) thanks, we are in the Sudan for the next four months, so who knows what edventures await us! Thanks for your visit and kind comments.

  4. Wow, that was an easy trip to Sudan. Glad you made it safely.
    I ate desert at that place in the airport, yummmy.
    Nice to get a walk in the garden with some of the menagerie. I'd take Angie home with me in a heartbeat, she reminds me much of Carson.
    New camera!? You must tell.
    Enjoy settling in Jo.
    Hugs & Blessings!

  5. I could tell it was a poignant time for you leaving your beautiful South African home and your beloved pets. I'm sure you will find little animals to love and nurture in Omdurman.

  6. Uauuh, what a beautiful cat, I love cats, and dogs aswell of course! ;)

  7. Jo - so glad to hear that you are safely in the Sudan :)

  8. Hi Gaelyn;) yes, we ate at Wandies (Grant had told us about it, I wanted to go to Mugg and Bean who serve the best lemon meringue pie - my abs favourite!) Yes, isn't Angie just the best ever. She has turned into such a good dog all round and especially a watchdog which is needed at home. I must pop onto your bog to see what your news is! (((Hugs)))

    It is, Pat. I have a post about our little budgies (tomorrow) here in the Sudan. They are a delight to us. And of course the feral cats and the stray dog - the latter which we will go and check up on tomorrow.

    Hi Cata;) we also LOVE cats - we hae seven at home... Thanks for popping in.

    Hi Lynda;) Thanks, I hope to get my e-mails up to date soon. (((Hugs))) Jo

  9. Thankful for your safe trip and all the many good times I am sure you had in South Africa. Looking forward to the coming posts.

  10. Hi Jo, Glad you made it back north with no problems. I know how much those little furry friends will miss you at home while you are gone. They all looked like they were going to cry.... I know you will miss 'home' also... BUT--you are where you need to be. Right????


  11. Glad you had a trouble free flight. Welcome back.


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