Sunday, April 18, 2010

Khartoum Curry is well

Dinner is served, Sir
Be there in a minute, Jeeves. Just testing the marrow bone aperitif
By golly my man, you haven't lost your touch

While we were out in South Africa for more than a month, I worried constantly about Curry. You can read about Curry here and here. Marcell, who always feeds him when we are away, also went home to the Phillipines at the beginning of March. Nevertheless, when Grant went to the workshop on Monday morning, Curry was there to meet him. He is a little thin, but not emaciated. Grant said that he whimpered when he realised who was back! There were also signs of the workshop technicians having fed him, which was heartening to say the least.

On Friday morning, I accompanied Grant to the workshop and sure enough: although Curry looks a little lanky, he is muscular and didn't gobble the food at all. He picked out his bone and took it to a safe place behind the Maersk container. When he tucked into the plate of food his human had dished up, he didn't even realise that it contained a large dose of deworming medicine.

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  1. So happy to hear that Curry is well. He actually looks pretty good.
    Sunny :)

  2. Maybe a little lean, but nothing like when he first showed up. Glad you're back to help Curry out, and I'm sure he is too.

  3. Oh ---I'm so glad that Curry is okay, Jo... I was concerned about him. I'm sure he's happy to see you all BACK.

    Have a great day...

  4. He s looking prettu good, hey Sunny. I think he has had such a good foundation of feeding since the middle of last year, the odd day without food hasn's shown.

    I'm also glad we're back and KNOW that Curry is!

    Hi Tom;) His food is stored in a container here at home which used to have curry in it. So the lid said Curry and hubby decided the dog (who had just been "the workshop dog until then) should be called Curry!

    Oh Betsy;) thanks for thinking of Curry as well. He is fine as you can see. Have a wonderful weekend.
    (((Hugs))) Jo

  5. Hehehe ! well done ! He looks good and I am happy that somebody is taking care of this poor dog ! In these countries there often is no care or food for animals people already have a rough life.

  6. Oh Jo, I am so happy to see that Curry is still doing so well. He looks quite perky, no longer as timid .... can't wait to read more updates as you continue feeding him.

  7. It's heartening to realise that others are following your example and looking after Curry now when you're away. I'm sure he's very pleased to see you back though :-)

  8. O the dear old thing! I feel sure that love and belief and trust helped Curry soldier on! He just knew you would be there!

  9. I'm new in here but just want to say what a SWEET thing to be doing...Curry is Most grateful to have you!
    Happy day to you!

  10. Bless you and those who have taken care of our dog brother... Kindness begets kindness!

  11. Hi Gattina;) yes, in Africa I've learnt not to get too emotional about the animals I cannot help and concentrate on the odd one I can...

    Lynda;) that is what encouraged me: the fact that he seems to trust us - not to touch - but that he recognises the ute and whimpered when my husband arrived after our long absence.

    I thought the same thing, Gemma. While animals don't displayed human emotions, I know he remembered us and kept looking out for us!

    Thanks Donna;) it's good to have you here and thanks for your kind comments.

    Hi Jabblog;) good to see you again. Yes, Curry is pleased to have us back, I'm sure!

    Hallo Mike;) Thanks, I would love it if Curry could be petted. That might never happen. Meanwhile, we continue to feed him.

  12. all we can do is what we can do
    and you're doing more than most would
    I'm so glad that Curry has people looking out for him

  13. Curry loves to be loved by you! ♥
    Is bly dit gaan nog goed met hom!

  14. I am inspired by your great love and concern for animals, Jo. Good news about Curry--hurray!

  15. Thanks Pat;) At least my hubby also helps with these projects!


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