Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meandering through my garden

No matter what time I work in or walk around my garden, I can always be assured of at least three dogs and three or more cats who accompany me. Above you can just see Angie's back in the foreground of the photo. Also visible in the photo are strips of plastic around the selected trees which my gardener will take out and load into Debbie's vehicle when they overnight here next week

Last week I posted about our son, John and his wife, Debbie who are starting a new life on their own piece of paradise in the Drakensberg. You can read about this here. Debbie has already begun to plant lawn around the caravan (which is their abode until they complete their building) as well as many indigenous trees and shrubs. Today I worked in my garden and together with gardener number one, John Tsie, we picked out many saplings and shrubs for Debbie. He will take these out and load into John's vehicle when John [Hedges] and Debbie stay overnight next week. We marked the selection with strips of plastic shopping bags.

Angie's tail and Eddie running into thee distance, show the presence of my pets in my garden

We had a wonderful shower of rain in the night which made me want to take dozens of photos of my garden - and I did. These photos will bring back beautiful memories once I'm back in the Sudan next week. Angie can be seen enjoying the garden as much as I do

Eddie is just visible in the lefthand corner of the photo. If she's not trying to catch tadpoles in my ponds, she's on the hunt for rats and other unsuspecting creatures under the shrubs

We have about seven barbel (catfish) in the large pond. Grant and I have been feeding them cat pellets at sunset. They have become amazingly tame and almost come up out of the water to eat the pellets which I scatter on the surface. The three dogs and Chip, our dopey cat, soon got to know the drill. Now they beg for a treat at the same time!

The garden is a haven for all our cats and dogs

Chip has her own natural scratching post in the garden

Pudding, my second oldest cat, always lies on the patio in the late afternoon. She seems to enjoy the warmth of the paving. Megan and Chip can be seen in the background

All the cats adore Angie and often cuddle up to her. Here she and Clarice share a special moment

While I was meandering around the garden photographing my memories and precious pets, Grant was preparing our motorcycle for sale. He will ride it to the city tomorrow where it will be displayed in the BMW bike dealer's showroom and hopefully catch a buyer's eye


  1. Jo, you have such a lovely home and garden! You must really miss it when you are in Sudan or other far-away places.

    I hadn't heard of feeding catfish cat pellets before. Is that cat food or cat droppings?

  2. I love your gardens. Good to take many pics to have with you in Sudan. All the animals look content. Love Angie's look with her cat pal. I know it must be hard to leave them behind. And say goodbye to the bike too.

  3. What lovely pictures of your gardens and so special with all your precious animals. Really delightful Jo.
    Sunny :)

  4. Wow! What a lovely garden. Wish I could have one like that, big and neat.

  5. I loved meandering through your garden with you today, Jo & could almost feel the cool, green grass beneath my feet ! You are right, it is a wonderful haven for all your animals ... Debbie is going to love the plants you've picked for her, I'm sure ! Sad to sell your bike BUT you still have all your happy memories of adventures travelled on it ;) xx

  6. Your garden is a beautiful retreat for you and your menagerie of pets. It must be very hard to leave it for the dusty north. Who will be looking after your house,garden and animals?

  7. Grant is selling the motorcycle? Are you going to get another one? Love these garden shots as we are still viewing snow (and mud).

  8. Jo, your garden is fabulous.... It would be a haven for us humans also---in addition to all of your furry friends. So Beautiful!!!!!

    Hope your bike sells??? That's amazing that the BMW place will allow you to sell it in their showroom... But--you are buying a new one from them. Right????

    Glad you are sharing your shrubs/plants/trees, etc. with the kids are they start a new life.... I know you are proud of them.


  9. Hi Jo, fabulous photos as usual, I cannot believe Africa is so lush and green it could be an English country garden with dogs and cats included!I wondered why you were selling your beautiful bike until I read the previous post.I hope it sells and you get a good price for it towards the next purchase.

  10. Lovely garden and so nice to meet all your animals! Even the catfish sound cute!


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