Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunset over East Africa

A rather different perspective on skywatching

As the sun was setting to the left of the plane, I took this photo from where I was seated on the right . For more beautiful skies, click here.


  1. Wow---Gorgeous sunset picture, Jo. That is PERFECT.

  2. Love this perspective of the sky.
    Hope you're getting settled in.

  3. That is quite a unique picture. The shades of blue are really pretty.
    Sunny :)

  4. You caught a fabulous shot!

    Thanks for visiting the farm.

  5. Amazing view and wonderful colors! Welcome back to your other home!

  6. Such a gorgeous capture, Jo! Love the shades of blue! Hope you're getting settled in! Have a great weekend!


  7. Lovely perspective! I haven't flown in so long... thank you for taking me along with you. :) Happy weekend!

  8. It is a beautiful sky and lovely colors, Jo! I am happy you are settling in.

  9. Thanks Betsy;)

    I am, thanks Gaelyn;) Godspeed you on your trip across your country today.

    I was surprised and thrilled when I downloaded the photos and saw the beautiful blue shades. Thanks for the comment, Sunny

    Thanks Julie;)

    Welcome to my blog, Vernz. Thanks for your kind comment. I'll visit yours shortly.

    Lori;) I love visiting your farm and encourage others to do so. Thanks for popping in to North Africa!

    Welcome Sonia;) Thanks for visiting. I'll pop into your blog shortly

    Thanks for the welcome home, Linnea W!

    You're so sweet, Sylvia. Thanks for co-hosting the meme which enables us to share each other's skies! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Welcome Donna, thanks for visiting me.

    Hi Laura;) good to see you again. thanks for your comment.

    Hi Amy:) welcome to my blog.Flying is not all that glamorous especially trans-African travel. However, having my camera handy helps to capture the "Special" moments. Glad to have you along!

    Thanks Eileen;) I have more time here in Khartoum and enjoy being back on blogger. Thanks for popping in

  10. Amazing blue sky Jo. Great capture.

  11. What a beautiful blue! Thanks for the birds eye veiw...


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