Sunday, October 3, 2010

Africa, beautiful Africa

I have always loved Africa, especially the vast and mostly untamed countries we've had the pleasure to live and work in.

For the past eighteen months we've been in the Sudan, North Africa and what an experience that has turned out to be.

Before this we lived on mining and exploration sites in organized camps. We had the companionship of other expats and there was always a host of entertainment in the form of sport, birthday parties and celebrating achieving the month's mining quota. Gatherings which took place regularly on camp, were farewells: in the expat world, people come and go frequently.

When we came to the Sudan - to live in Khartoum in particular -  life  here was so different here that it took us quite a while to adapt. No other South Africans in our company; in fact no other expats, not from the UK, US or Australia. We are the only foreigners  connected to our company in Khartoum.

Six weeks ago we travelled into the desert in search of the pyramids of Sudan. We 've subsequently been back to the desert a few times to find the Naga temples and the Great Enclosure at Musawwarat Es Sufra. We have also had great days travelling through the desert and spotted lifers (birds we've never seen before), camels, donkeys, shepherds, sheep and goats. And baby camels and baby donkeys. 

We hoping to get out there again soon...

You can read about our desert travels under the label:  Life in North Africa, Travel

Africa in all her beauty and splendour

A small village in the desert

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The Arabic word for travel is as-Sfr (a-sa-farr) This is where the word "safari" originated


  1. You can see so far in the distance!

  2. Hi Jo, I'm glad you have had such a good experience in North Africa... That goes to show that any of us can find good things in various places as we go through life. People that don't like certain places where they go or live have nobody to blame but themselves. The moral: there's good in ALL places. Right????? I am so glad that you all have enjoyed it there. I have enjoyed it through your blog.


  3. I love Africa too. Those are beautiful shots you've captured of her :-)

  4. I so love your desert journeys Jo. You may dave noticed that I have a soft spot for arid places and joy of joys, my daughter is taking me to the semi-desert in a week's time where there are Aboriginal rock paintings and vast expanses to explore and paint. My idea of heaven!

  5. You have lead an amazing life Jo. It must be difficult to be in the Sudan without friends, family or just a few more acquaintances around. Hope you can get together with the teachers again soon. In the meantime, I sure am enjoying your trips into the desert.

  6. I am still dreaming of an African safari. What wonderful adventures you have had!

  7. That village could be in a Mexican desert. Amazing how much alike desert cultures are.
    Your photos are spectacular, Jo. I love to see them.
    -- K

  8. I love those "you might also like" photos on your blog. I clicked on your wedding picture and read the comments from last year.
    Too bad about those albums with the plastic. I've got some like that and the pictures are pretty much unrescuable.
    (You and Grant really do look SO young, but so happy.)

  9. Hi Jo,
    I admire your passion for a country that is so different from where I live. Even with all the beauty that Africa has, I wonder if I could adapt. Then again, home is where we hang our hat.
    I have learned a lot from your posts and I really enjoy your pictures.
    ☼ Sunny

  10. Beautiful Africa - yes ! Aren't we lucky to live on one of the most beautiful, soulful, breathtaking continents in the entire world ? I could never live anywhere else - when I'm away from Africa I only feel 'half alive' and alot of my senses are 'dulled' .... thanks for reminding me this morning, how lucky I am to live amongst such beauty. Your photo's are great, & I love your new header pic, too :) Have a wonderful Sunday, Jo xx

  11. The desert has a beauty of its own. It must get lonely without other expats.

  12. Another two weeks and I will see the same landscape, but as a tourist only ! they won't let you go unguarded it's far too dangerous for tourists. I love north Africa too. I have never been in Senegal or the real deep black Africa. We have quiet a lot of Congo people here because the Congo was a Belgian colony until 1960.

  13. You are lucky to have been there and seen all that. Thanks for sharing it.

  14. I have traveled to so many places and no matter how much I have enjoyed seeing other parts of the world, coming home to Africa has always been the best part. I love it here and would not change it for anywhere else.

  15. did it just rain? There is a lot of green.


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