Thursday, October 21, 2010

At last, a vegetable garden!

 I'm a vegetarian but, ironically  have never had a vegetable garden while living in this house. This week I decided to plant one. Until two years ago, Simon worked for Debbie (our daughter-in-law, now moved to Kwa Zulu Natal) who always served vegetables straight from the garden to the table. So Simon knows how to cultivate a successful vegetable patch and prepared a section behind our garages just for this purpose. We've planted gem squash. carrots, tomatoes (two varieties) green beans, lettuce and chives. We also have two varieties of pumpkin planted in a sunny spot in my ornamental garden.  

The prepared beds are ready to be planted with vegetable seeds
Simon makes furrows for the seeds
Emily, who'd just hung the washing on the windy drier,  looks on while Simon prepares the vegetable beds
Emily discusses the location of the seed-planting with Simon while Angie looks on

John joined the preparation of the vegetable planting. (David continued with his task in the flower garden, although I think he was itching to join us.) John brought thorn branches and cut them to size. Once Simon had planted the seeds, John created a barricade around the entire vegetable garden to discouraged Angie and the other two dogs from trampling the beds


  1. Oh, I wondered what the thorn branches were for. Good idea, unless any of your dogs are jumpers.
    Lindy would love a vegetable garden. She'd eat everything as soon as it looked like food. Right now we have broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, cucumbers and green peppers in the refrigerator, for Lindy!! I put some of "Lindy's lettuce" on Dick's salmon burger tonight and she looked quite annoyed until I gave her some, too.

    You're going to love having a vegetable garden, Jo.
    Luv, K

  2. nice post.
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  3. You'll get huge satisfaction from your vegetable garden when everything starts to grow.

  4. What a Smart thing to use for a barrier!! I need Simon!!!Hahaa
    Such a Neat and tidy garden...
    LOVE the photos Jo!!

  5. Good luck with the garden - my husband is the chef and gardener - he loves fresh veggies and grows them organically. Can't wait to see what you grow!

  6. How delightful to have fresh vegies from your own garden. I like the thorn branch idea.

  7. Hi Jo,it will be great to see your seeds coming up and better still using your own veg fresh each day.It is winter here so much too late to sow any seeds, our plots are being manured and left to 'rest' for spring sowing next year.

  8. Looks like you are having a great time nestling in.

  9. It's so funny that you are just starting your vegetable garden (because it's spring there) and my vegetable garden is just finishing its growing season. We've picked the last of the zucchini, bell peppers and tomatoes.


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