Friday, October 8, 2010

Holding water

At the beginning of the week while doing the laundry early one morning,  I photographed this interesting moon

When the moon hung in the sky like the image above shows , my grandfather used to say the moon is holding water.  Therefore no rain. If the crescent was on top, he'd say it was tipping water and it would surely rain

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The Arabic for water is al-Myāh (pronounced Moya - easy huh?)


  1. I have heard that all of my life, Jo.... When the moon is holding water, that means it is going to RAIN... We need rain here ...... Do a Rain Dance for us please.

  2. I love the old folklore :-) The old timers had to be quite observant to learn everything they did.

  3. That's beautiful, Jo.
    Did your grandfather's weather predictions come true?


  4. Nice shot of the moon. I can't really remember seeing the moon's glow only on the bottom. Hmmmm

  5. Hiya Jo,

    You're up early for you laundry :-)
    Or is it the way the light goes around where you live? Dark at 18.00 hrs? I remember it from living on the equator.
    Liked your grandfather's rain prediction technique.

  6. Jo, we are not quite there on our moon phase... will have to play catchup.

    Safe travels back to south Africa. Our neighbors are there now and send us a photo a day. Amazing!

  7. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen the moon like this! Very neat!!


    beautiful, simply just wonderful.
    stopping by from sky watch friday.

  9. I like what your grandfather said! Nice catch.


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