Sunday, October 31, 2010

Almost a South African cat

C'mon mum! I'm ready for our walk in the garden

Ain't I brave? Two dogs in the doorway and I'm on my way through it

Oh goody-goody, here we go on a great walk into the garden again

Lovely grass under my paws

Now for a good roll in the soil

Ah cool, I'm a grubby cat now! And ready for more garden adventures

Uh-oh here's Chip a real ole grump
Just making sure my human is still close by while I try to socialise with Chip

Eek, that's a big lion growl!
Maybe if I approach her carefully, she'll accept me. Nah...

Ah, now for a catnap in my favourite chair. I need it after all that excersise and excitement!

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A walk past the ponds (which scares me)
 and then back indoors


  1. Oh what a fabulous story, Jo... I'm so glad you are introducing Shadow to his new environment slowly.... That's GREAT....

  2. Wow, Shadow, you're a big brave boy!! Of course, after all that plane travel, even Chip can't ruffle you too much.
    He's so adorable, Jo, and seems to be quite content to walk on a leash. I had to laugh at him rolling in the dirt. My almost-all-white shorthair, Hermie, loved to roll in the dirt. Fortunately, my pure white longhair, Ava, wasn't interested in dirt.
    Glad you're settling back in so well.
    Luv, K

  3. Shadow seems to be settling in well and getting braver. Great story Jo.

  4. Shadow is so cute and looks quite at home.
    He's not spoiled at all, right? LOL
    ☼ Sunny

  5. This is such a pretty cat. I am sure she is pleased to have you nearby to protect her from the fishes in the pond. :)

  6. Brave little newcomer! Shadow will love the garden in no time!

  7. Shadow (?) is a lovely cat. The first picture looked as if she was checking the time by your blog clock. I bet she'll be glad to lose the reins.

  8. that sure is a lovely place!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  9. That's a lovely harness you are wearing.

  10. What a fun story, Shadow! And thanks, to your human, for helping you share it with us!! Bet you will be glad to get off the leash! We'll be thinking about you!!

    Sam, Mojo and Sylvia

  11. Poor little Shadow. I hope Chip accepts him soon so he can have a kitty friend.

  12. What a great adventure for Shadow--exploring the garden. He is a beautiful cat! I hope he and the other cats and the dogs become friends some day, or at least learn to tolerate each other.


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