Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My shrunken world

Angie and Eddy have a drink in one of my ponds

An early morning scene in my garden

Many frogs live in this particular pond. It's lovely to lie in bed at night and hear the frog chorus. I used to know which species of these amphibians I have in the pond, but have forgotten. I need to look it up again!

Chip, my 11 year-old Siamese was sitting against the garage door sunning herself. I grabbed my camera intending to photograph her, when the three dogs came running along to investigate! I love the shadow of Angie, the Labrador's lip on the wall. Megan and Eddy are looking at Grant who had just emerged from the other garage door

Grant and I love fresh coriander and it's not always available. So along with my fave vegetable, brinjals, and the basil and sweet peppers seeds, Simon and I planted coriander seeds. This is a first attempt for me so I hope they germinate and we have fresh coriander during the summer

Eric's little son came with his mum yesterday and soon found our other grandchildrens' toys!

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  1. A wonderful glimpse into your new/old life, Jo. I sure hope your vegetable garden is a success.
    I love the pictures of the frog pond, the animals, and the sweet little boy. The photo of the dogs wondering why you wanted to take a picture of Chip is adorable.
    Luv, K

  2. You say your shrunken world but am unclear why as you have the whole of South Africa at your doorstep whenever you get out. I think it will take a little getting used to a new life but I'm sure in time you will love all your old activities such as gardening and friends and family. Maybe you will even continue to study Arabic while you are at home though you are now far from Sudan.

    That little guy is so cute. I'd like to take him home but then his mama would be lonely ;-)

    I'm still not with it today. I have a feeling the raining and cooler weather is knocking me out for a bit. I feel more tired than usual. Hopefully this is a passing phase as I have a lot to do this week and for the next few weeks. Hugs.

  3. HI Jo, Sounds like you are adjusting well to 'home' --after being up north.... It is an adjustment, isn't it?????

    Beautiful pictures of your home/garden... I loved seeing Shadow out in the garden--and with your other gentle kitty.....

    When do you and Grant head out on a motorcycle trip????


  4. Looks like the rain did some good, to fill ponds anyway.

    I love coriander and did grow some in a container one summer.

  5. You have a stunning garden Jo and I am sure it gives you great pleasure. Nothing like being able to grow your own veggies and being able to have them straight from the garden to the table. They always taste much better.

  6. I just absolutely love the pond in your garden. I kinda wish I had one like it. *pondering*

  7. The ponds are lovely. The lip hilarious. "And they all lived together in a crooked little house."

  8. It would seem that you have a very lovely place to live. We have a few frogs around here, but I don't hear them too often. I don't think it gets warm enough around here for them to come out of hiding very often. But when it does, they do sing to us.

  9. Hi JO, wow your new pond is lovely... hope youre doing OK..

    Dropping by for My World Tuesday

  10. Lovely captures, Jo! Such a lovely garden and the four-footed family members look wonderful! The little guy is adorable! What a delightful, fun look at your world! I'm sure you're enjoying being back home! Have a great week!


  11. Hi Jo, Your garden looks beautiful. I love the ponds. Nice shadow shot also.

  12. Lovely back yard. It would be tempting to never leave. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at your photos. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Looks like you're having fun back "home". Enjoy your time! Love the photos!

  14. Thanks for asking Jo. I was rejuvenated by a lovely holiday my daughter took me on as a belated birthday treat. If you had scrolled down a little there were already six post about it. An absolutely magical trip to The Flinders Ranges ( normally arid) and some arid Station lands that this year are magically transformed into flower carpets. Our State has had the highest average September rainfalls in recorded history, in consequence the desert has become more splendid than any man-made garden could ever be.

    Seeing your garden and animals and household help(wish I had some too) certainly does not appear to be a very shrunken. If you want the wide open spaces you can still go there or has it become too dangerous?

    Hugs . . . Arija

  15. I love the lip shadow, too. Cute photo of the lab leaning over the cat.
    Your garden and ponds are lovely!

  16. Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! I'm not even going to apologise for this...I feel plain ENVIOUS! Your ponds are just so, so lovely.


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