Monday, October 25, 2010

What I did this weekend

Can you remember what you did on the weekend of 22-24 October? You never know when you may need an alibi (lol!) so why not join this interesting meme hosted by Gattina from Writers Cramps

It's amazing how dry everthing is in the Free State at this time of the year. Since I've returned from the Sudan, I have also felt dried out, dried up, listless and without direction. However, when  we woke up on Saturday morning, the clouds were heavy and grey and by the middle of the afternoon, the heavens opened up and rain poured down. Not only can I literally HEAR the shrubs and grass perking up and growing, but my spirit has been rejuvinated and refreshed. The Lord in all His goodness, has showered me with His blessings and I feel ready to meet the challenge of being back in South Africa again. Amen!

Saturday dawned with an overcast sky. By mid - afternoon it begun to rain and then... rained...
...and rained...

...and rained! We measured 20mm by the evening and the clouds were building up for more rain
Since Tuesday I've started to take Shadow out into the garden. Here he sits in the window and longinly watches everything going on outside. I know he'd love to get into the garden but it's too soon to let him out on his own. For now we go out on the leash

The first time I took Shadow out into the garden, he lay down  and rolled around on the ground. I'm not sure whether this is one way of marking his territory or if he just enjoys the feel of the soil
Shadow spends most of the time in the garden sniffing at the flowers and shrubs. Many interesting smells - mostly of other cats - to be investigated

Shadow contemplates his next move up the garden path
Shadow, who has been a flat cat for the past five months, now enjoys having a scratch in the compost in my flower beds

Shadow meets and touches noses with Clarice, my gentlest cat

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  1. sorry for the rain. however it looks like shadow got some out side time.

  2. Your garden looks lovely. After all the hot weather the rain must really be appreciated. Me, I have too much of it.

  3. Wonderful to see the earth washed in rain. As long as there's no flooding.

    Good to see Shadow out in the garden and making friends with the rest of the menagerie. I'll bet it feels good to be home.

  4. Ohhhhhhh yes! Those sweet HEALING waters! My Pastor says every time we wash our face or take a shower we should be reminded of our baptism and those sweet healing waters! I think that is true when it rains as well!

    It's nice that Shadow is getting familiar with his surroundings.

  5. I love Shadow. I'm glad he got along with Clarice, and I hope he gets along with the others.
    What did I do this weekend?
    Friday night I was disk-jockey for a "Golden Oldies Singalong" sponsored by my church ladies' group. We didn't attract a large crowd, but there were some real singers there, and we all had a lot of fun.
    Saturday night we attended a potluck, in the same church basement, with another of my groups. Lots of people, lots of food. We had to leave early because I didn't feel well, but it was a lovely dinner.
    Sunday I felt lousy, couldn't make it to church, so I just did laundry. There's a bed in the den next to the laundry room, where I can lie down to wait for the washer or dryer to stop. Reading a mystery by P.D. James.
    Monday morning here now, and it is raining. Some of the drops do look a bit dense. Everyone says it will turn to snow, except the weather forecast. The temperature is hovering just above the freezing mark.
    -- Kay, Alberta

  6. It's so nice to have cleansing rain. We are having rain here today also. I didn't do a lot during the weekend. I was feeling rather tired after a few nights of little sleep. But I did go and view a stationary bike which was purchased and delivered. This will help me with my cardio. I did a very small amount of reading and I did a little cooking. Just a quiet weekend which was nice as it has been rather busy for me.

    I saw on television that there has been a major evangelical convention going on in Cape Town. Have you heard of it? Here is a link

  7. Nice to discover you, South Africa, through this meme!!!
    Sorry for the rain and I hope the weather will be nicer this week for you!!! Your cat is so cute!!!
    I live South of France and will be glad if you visit my blog in Provence!!!

  8. I quickly scrolled through your blog to find some news about little Shadow and I see that he looks so happy ! Once he is allowed to go out alone he will be in heaven. I suppose he gets used to his "brothers and sisters" too !

  9. I'm glad you got the much-needed rain to refresh the garden.
    Shadow is going to love playing outside as soon as he acclimates to his new home.


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