Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shadow flies to South Africa

Apparently I have caused my humans many days of work involving LOTS of red tape to take me home to South Africa. I will spend more than thirteen hours in this cage, far away from my humans, on the same flight and quite safe, I'm sure.  I think I will be a bit sleepy so won't be stressed at all. Next time I appear on this blog, I will be one of seven cats and three dogs in a very different place to the one I've become used to in Khartoum. Till then, meows and purrs

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The Arabic word for aeroplane is Ţāʼirh (ta-heerr)


  1. Wishing you a very safe flight to your new home!

  2. Hi Shadow, Hope you have a safe trip home.... Just relax and get lots of sleep.... I'm sure you are excited about meeting your brothers and sisters...

    God Bless You --and Safe Travel

  3. Bon Voyage, Shadow! I hope you quickly make friends with all the other cats and dogs at your master's home. I bet you will love walking in the grass and play-hunting in it!

  4. You'll be fine Shadow and have many new friends in your new home.

  5. Have a good flight Shadow. Lucky you have such determined parents who were willing to make sure you get to your new home. Can't wait to see the photos.

  6. Be safe, Shadow. It means a lot to your humans to have you with them.
    -- Kay and Lindy (remember Lindy? she's a golden retriever who thinks she's a lap cat)

  7. Wow ! spend more than 13 hours in the are a very very patient cat. Your mom must be very proud of you. May be have a long sleep will be best choice..

    Have a great trip & be safe , Shadow

    Everyday Mr Puddy

  8. safe journey my friend sandy

  9. Wishing you a safe trip to your new home, Shadow! We'll be thinking of you and holding good thoughts because we know it can seem scary!

    Sam and Mojo

  10. I just read the last posts. Poor Shadow what a long trip for him ! I hope you give him some pills to keep him stress free ! Does he come back with you again or do you leave him in SA ?

  11. Wishing you a safe journey, Shadow. I'm looking forward to your adventures in South Africa :)
    ☼ Sunny

  12. Relax Shadow, eat and sleep is the best way to travel for you.


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