Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My new old world

On Monday Emily brought her daughter Erica to work to help with a few household chores. (window washing was one of them) Erica brought her little son with her as normal. During the morning, Grant and I took him to town for a treat. Once we got home, he played alongside me while I worked in the garden with the gardeners.

I managed to tidy a host of scraggly shrubs (I love pruning and can be quite ruthless when I get into the garden with my pruning shears!) Simon has cultivated a beautiful patch behind the garages for a vegetable garden. After lunch Simon, Emily and I discussed where we would plant the various vegetable seeds I had bought. Emily insisted that the pumpkins should not be planted near the other vegetables, so on Wednesday Simon will turn over another area under the apple tree, near one of the ponds. I don't suppose it will matter if I have pumpkin vines creeping around the aloes and succulants already growing there! (lol!)

Emily's two-and-a-half-year-old grandson spent the day at our house while his mum, Erica helped Emily with the household chores. Grant and I took him to town (to buy a toy car) and he spent the morning playing at my side while I worked in the garden with John, David and Simon. He was very tired here and would not smile for the camera!
The African women have this novel and practical way of carrying their children. They walk for miles with children on their backs. Having their hands free, they can work like this all day and have their babies close to them. Wihin minutes this little guy was asleep on his mum's back
We were hoping these clouds bring much-needed rain - they did; it rained a little during the night

An African Hoopoe digs for worms in my garden
Relaxing beside the ponds I had great fun with the ISO setting on my camera

The ponds are filled with flowering water plants
A close-up of the water lily
Late afternoon in my garden


  1. Your garden is beautiful, Jo, just like you!! (We have a lawn guy, but I think I'm going to phone next week to talk to a real gardener, see what can be done here.)

    But in the meantime, I love the little fella with the HUGE brown eyes. He is just too adorable for words. Super for you to be able to borrow him from his mom for a shopping expedition, then return him when he's tired. What a little sweetie.

    So happy to hear from you.
    Luv, K

  2. The little guy is so cute and I'm sure he was thrilled to go to town and get a toy! The way his mom carries him on her back is how the indigenous women carried their little children here in NA many years ago also. They tend now to use the modern conveniences everyone else uses (strollers of various kinds) except in the very far north where the Inuit women still often carry the children on their backs.

  3. Oh...those huge cute eyes of innocence....I love learning from what you share be it about people or places...We may have differences in what we believe in but one thing is the same. God loves us all. God bless.

  4. What a Precious little boy!! And they carry them?? Wow! We make them walk!Hahaaa
    LOVE these photos sweetie!!

  5. It must be wonderful to be back home, planning what to plant in the garden. I love Erica's practical baby carrier.

  6. Your garden looks wonderful. I'll bet it's nice to be home enjoying it. The little boy is precious.

  7. Love your garden Jo. It must be great to be back? At least now you are having two summers. :)

  8. Your garden looks beautiful...I especially love the water lily. And what an adorable child! Are you happy to be home? I'll bet your dogs and cats are glad you are back.

  9. Hi Jo,
    Such a handsome little boy, just look at those eyes!
    What a lovely garden you have. Such a cute Hoopoe bird, never heard or seen of one before!
    ☼ Sunny

  10. My what a beautiful family you have, Jo. Who wants to smile when they are to tired to hold their head up, not me!
    Your flowers and garden look so lovely and inviting.


  11. Erica's son has the most beautiful big brown eyes! Your garden is gorgeous.

    To me, the flower you labeled as a water lily looks like an iris.

    I'm catching up on your blog---love it!


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