Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another week...

... in the life of a Sudanese-turned-South-African-cat

 Shadow is spending more and more time in the garden - with me in the background

 Keeping a beady eye on Megan

Tree climbing is one of the skills he has to work on
Shadow and his shadow

Close encounters of the scary kind - with Chip, no less!

Eating his antacid pill!

The best thing about a long walk outside is...
...relaxing totally afterwards!

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  1. I love pictures of Shadow! And Shadow and his shadow. But those photos of him upside down and relaxing are just priceless. Just want to rub that tummy!!
    Oh, and your might-also-likes always get me. There's one that looks like Shadow as a kitten. Gotta look.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. You have done a wonderful job caring for Shadow. I remember when you first started feeding him in Sudan. Look how strong and clean he looks now. Hopefully he gets used to his new house and extended family soon.

  3. Me again. Had to check out Shadow's kittenhood, when you thought he was a girl. LOL
    Finding the vet was a bit of a runaround, wasn't it? Now you must know every vet in Khartoum and you're back in South Africa.
    SO glad you decided on Shadow for a name. He would NOT have liked Cleopatra.
    Luv, K

  4. That is total relaxation... Wish I could relax that easily!!!!!! ha.... Glad Shadow is learning more and more about his new home.


  5. Love to see Shadow blending in.

  6. So nice to see Shadow acclimating. He is such a smart and adaptable cat. It is also funny to see him in the zone ("relaxation") lol.

  7. lucky cat such pretty surroundings ad a home full of love..sandy

  8. hey you guys are sure having fun!!

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pet Pride

  9. Shadow really is fitting in well, isn't he? We always like to see that! Mom likes the pic on him stretched out on his back and she'd like to scratch his tummy!!

    Sam and Mojo

  10. Cute pics and all the captions fit in! God bless you and protect you sister!

  11. Wonderful set of pics, love those last two with that totally relaxed attitude!

  12. Shadow's life has really taken a turn for the better since you found him. He looks big and healthy and very happy.

  13. Lucky Shadow--He has such a lovely and luxurious place to live, and also a loving owner! He looks like a very contented cat.

  14. Shadow really knows how to relax. I love how he's learning to stalk around outside.


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