Monday, November 8, 2010

A relaxing weekend

Would you remember what you did on the weekend of 5 - 7 November 2010? Gattina of Writers Cramps hosts the meme: What did you do this weekend? You never know when you might need an alibi! So do join in this fun meme if you wish.

Our weekend was relaxing, warm and enjoyable. On Friday afternoon (my favourite time of the week here at home) I walked around the garden, the lawn newly mowed, and took photos. I will post these later in the week.

We spent the day at home on Saturday. Angus, Amanda and Grant worked on a project while I walked around the garden with grandson, dogs and cats (and of course, keeping an eye on Shadow).
I captured this bench reflection in the large pond

Amanda and Angus are framing large prints on canvas. Grant helped Angus make this table on wheels to use as a work surface for their project

Grandson and I had fun while his parents and granddad worked

He also has "Shawn the Sheep" like Shadow's
I've never seen a baby blow a raspberry, but this one does it perfectly
Angie is always at my side in the garden
I watched while Shadow and Clarice socialized

I relaxed under the trees with Shadow (note how dirty Shadow is; he loves to roll in the little sand available in my garden!)

Later Amanda brought baby indoors and left him near me while I blogged and prepared lunch

On Sunday after church, Grant and I had a braai (South African BBQ) in the garden with the dogs at our feet while Shadow explored the ponds nearby.
South Africa's favourite braai meat: boerewors/farmer's sausage a spicy sausage saturated with lard and minced meat and in my humble opinion, pure poison. However, I'm probably the only person in this country who thinks this, so I hold my peace!

Eddy, the foxterrier in the foreground and Angie in the background, sleep while Megan waits expectantly at the braai grill for bits of meat to fall off (she wishes, ha-ha!) or to be given a tidbit
Shadow is fascinated by the water in the ponds
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  1. Jo, I'm not even a vegetarian, but I think that sausage looks dreadful.
    As for what I did on the weekend, it would make a very boring submission to a meme. I did manage to get out with Lindy for a while yesterday, but we differed in our destinations, and after the fifth time I got tangled up in her leash, I decided to come back to the house. Lindy thinks she had a walk, the dear girl, so she was quite happy.
    Your pond is beautiful, your grandson is adorable, and I love the pictures of your pets. Shadow, of course, I love best. That last photo, where he's watching the water, is just wonderful. He's such a good boy, isn't he?
    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend, and I'm sure it won't hurt you and Grant to have some restful time for a change.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Looks like a fabulous weekend, Jo... Bet your doggies and kitties are ALL glad that Mama is back home!!!!!

    Your grandbaby is adorable....

    What a wonderful family --and gorgeous home and garden...

  3. Such a nice quiet family weekend at the Hedges. The youngest of whom steals the show. Even from Shadow.

  4. What wonderful photos of a wonderful weekend.

    I had grandkids and all the things you do with them. The weather was jacket weather but by midday, it warmed.

  5. Hi Jo,
    I always enjoy your posts about your weekend.
    Your grandson is such a handsome little lad.
    When I first saw your farmer's sausage, I thought it was a snake! LOL! I better put my glasses on.
    It looks like Shadow is fitting right in with all the other pets :)
    Hope you have a wonderful week.
    ☼ Sunny

  6. You had the best job looking after that gorgeous grandson.
    I agree with about the sausage.

  7. Your weekend sounds delightful to me! Except for the sausage as I'm vegetarian. It's lovely to spend time with family and pets.

  8. What a nice weekend, being with family is great. glad to see all the pets are enjoying the weather as well. Now that Braai meat....I do not think I would like it. I might say here i do try all kinds of new things. However that really sound so Unappealing to my pallet. Maybe the smell would entice me to try it.
    My weekend update for you

  9. I love the little supervisor sitting high on his thrown watching Dad and Grandad work, hahaha !
    He is really a very handsome baby !
    Shadow seems to feel completely at home by now ! It's so nice to see all your critters and family !

  10. Ahhhh...Grandson is Beautiful!! What a Face!!Hahaa
    Is it getting warm there?? Wish we weren't heading into our Winter...Love BBQ's!

  11. What a lovely relaxing weekend. We have some nasty sausages here too.
    Love the photos of your beautiful family and animals.

  12. How nice to spend time relaxing with the family Jo. The weather has been perfect. On Satureday I was ivited over to a friend for a braai too and as it was my first one in years, I loved it. It is something I really enjoy. Being a single person, it is just too much effort to make one for myself.

  13. I'm glad Shadow and Clarice are friends now. It looks like you all had a pleasant weekend getting things done. Are the prints that are on the canvas traditional African art? Contemporary art?

    I confess....I covet that Shawn the Sheep...I'll have to google it!

  14. Playing with your grandson would be the most fun part of the weekend, I think.
    I'm glad to see Shadow looking so at home in the garden.


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