Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I've had a great time in the garden this week photographing the newly-planted beds and shrubs which are thriving after all our hard work these past few weeks. Yesterday I sat under the white stinkwood (Celtis africana) and snapped away at the beautiful water plants and the reflections in the ponds.

I've posted a few photos for you, my dear friends and fellow-bloggers to enjoy with me!

I photographed the various shrubs and plants in and around the first pond (far side) and their reflections in the second pond (near side). The Gallardia are in full bloom; I captured this perennial in the second pond below

The reflection of the blooms in the second pond

No, this image is not upside down! While photographing the reflections in the second pond, I noticed Eddy lazing on the far side of the large pond...
...and managed to capture this!

When this post is aired today, we'll be on our way back down to the Drakensberg. Yes, we're going by motorbike. Is the Pope Catholic? LOL!

We're going to stay over with John, Debbie who are minding a self-catering place near their home. Of course, we'll see our precious grands again!

I hope to get "back to normal" and visit and comment on all your blogs to my heart's content once we arrive back home on Thursday. Everytime I think I have time to myself, my darling husband decides we should go away again. Thanks to everyone for your regular visits and comments and especially for your kind wishes and encouragement while we "train" Shadow to become a hard-core, outdoor cat!

Bless you all


  1. I know you'll have a wonderful time. What better way than with family. We'll be back from the canyon by Thurs.

  2. Oh, Jo, procrastination has done me in again. I finally answered your e-mail but you'll be gone when it and this comment arrive, and I'll be gone when you get back.
    Ships that pass in the night, etc.
    Catch you soon.
    Luv, K

  3. Ahhhh! I Love Eddy's reflection photos Miz Jo!! Great shots!

  4. Beautiful pictures, bravo ! Can't we cut our husbands in two and mix them together ? yours wants to move and mine doesn't ! Have fun on the Dragon mountain !

  5. The reflection photos are great! I hope you're having a wonderful time visiting with family.


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