Monday, November 29, 2010

Special times in the Berg

Grant and I still seem to work on our North African body clocks which were an hour ahead of South Africa therefore I'm posting this mid-week family time as a weekend happening.  Accommodation around the country is also cheaper during the week and as we can visit anytime, this time was as good as any.

On Wednesday we joined John and Debbie and family in the Drakensberg. They were looking after a backpackers lodge for a friend. I will post more about this lodge in tomorrow's post.

We returned home on  Friday at midday and had a rather full weekend programme which I will post about later on in the week.

The Hedges grandchildren love the outdoors and of course, stomping through mud puddles in the road while out walking is great fun!

These round huts with thatched roofs are known in South Africa as rondawels and are very popular as holiday accommodation 
The accommodation is surrounded by flowering plants, wild bushy shrubs and indigenous succulents and trees which are backed by the magnificent Drakensberg mountains still shrouded in early morning mist
I took number two and three grandchildren for a walk in the fields while their mum home-schooled our oldest (number one) granddaughter. Here big brother gives his sister a flower. In fact, he picked so many flowers for Gran and his sister that the pram was soon full of blooms!  

Mmm, the flowers smell nice!
Beautiful angel
Our littlest girl is walking! She turned 20 months on Saturday.
John explains the peaks to us (posted on Scenic Sunday, yesterday) while Debbie plays around with the settings on the camera

Thanks to Gattina of Writers Cramps who hosts this fun meme: What did you do this weekend? For more click here


  1. That's really far from the civilized world ! Homeschooling is not allowed in European countries, with a very few exceptions. Your little granddaugher is such a beautiful little girl !

  2. Such precious Granbabies!! Love the photos Miz Jo!! Hope you're having a great week!

  3. Hi Jo, We are like you and Grant.... Being retired, we do most of our traveling during the week rather than the weekends....

    I always love seeing pictures of your grandchildren... That little blondie is such a cutie!!!! Twenty months now, huh???? Wow!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Jo, I have not been around for a while so I am trying to catch up on everyones doings. The photo of the 2 grandchildren could have been taken on an Irish country laneway full of muck and puddles!
    All of the grandchildren are growing and when each one walks on their own there is always such excitement!
    We are having very cold weather here ,very unseasonal so early in the winter.There are heavy snow showers and as usual the country is coming to a standstill!

  5. What is it about kids and mud puddles? They all seem to love a good puddle.
    Great photos of the cute grandkids. The round huts look like great vacation accommodations. Really love the photo of the purple flower.

  6. Now that looks like Inkosana Lodge where we stayed! If you see Ed Saloman, ask him when he intends publishing his book! We are looking forward to reading it. Lovely pics of cute cute kids! And the beautiful Dierama - hairbells - makes me long to be in the berg again. Thanks

  7. What are the rondawels like on the inside? Do they have any furniture, like a bed or a cot? The round thatched mud huts that Tim and Jolene experienced in Niger were quite primitive.

    What a beautiful place for children to grow up in (bad grammar, sorry). And the backpackers lodge looks very warm and inviting!

    It's so strange to see spring-like scenes when we are experiencing a frosty fall (autumn)!


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