Saturday, November 13, 2010


Johan and Rina, a young couple who live in our street, own three beautufil Golden Labradors. These dogs know our vehicle and hurtle across the lawn against the street-side fence barking like mad when we pass. You see, often Angie, Eddy and Megan are in the back of my pickup and lean out of the window and bark back at these dogs.

This aside, these youngsters also love their garden; Johan is the main gardener in their home. He has beautiful lawns which he mows himself. Shrubs and low-maintenance plants abound around the perimeter. He also has a statue of a Jack Russel terrier in the middle of the lawn. It is only half a statue; the back half. It looks like a dog burrowing it's head in the lawn. We smile every time we pass and see this garden ornament.

When I downloaded photos I took last week, I came across this photo (above) of Shadow burrowing in the flower beds. It made me chuckle as I was immediately reminded of Johan and Rina's porcelain dog in the garden.

While this post is aired today, Grant and I will be on our way to the Drakensberg mountains in Kwa-Zulu Natal. We're off to visit John, Debbie and our other four precious grandchildren. As usual, we're going by motorbike and for us, the journey is part of the excitement of the weekend. I've packed sandwiches, Grant has made a flask of coffee and we'll stop for breakfast somewhere along the way.

As usual, as well, we've booked into a self-catering cottage just a kilometer away from John and Debbie's land so we'll all be able to visit and enjoy the weekend together.

Till we return, do all have a great weekend and be blessed.


  1. Cute picture of Shadow..... Love the story about the statue....

    Have a wonderful trip... I know you will.

  2. Oh, isn't Shadow wonderful? Imagine him digging in the garden! I'm sure you wouldn't be annoyed with him. Who could? But I've never seen a cat dig down that far before. My cat Hermie used to be very industrious about digging in his litter box, or in the yard if he couldn't get into the house in time (silly boy) but I never saw him dig 'way down like that. Has Shadow seen the half-statue at your friends' place?
    By the time you read this, you'll be back from visiting your grandchildren, and you'll have lots of pictures. I'm looking forward to them.
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. Me again. I forgot... "Cat-terrier" is the most wonderful title for this post. Just perfect. I love it.
    -- K

  4. Safe journey and happy visit.

  5. Have a lovely time. Maybe Shadown was after a mole?

  6. Enjoy your visit!! (((I)))

  7. Hahahaaaa....Love the shot of Shadow digging...looks like a dog!Hahaa

  8. Shadow provides you with plenty of funny captures. He's full of personality.
    This does look a lot like a terrier digging in the garden.

  9. You get some really great shots of Shadow, Jo. He is so entertaining! I'm glad you'll be able to visit John and Debbie this weekend. I'm sure they'll love having you visit and play with the kids! I'm looking forward to more great photos of your family.

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