Saturday, November 20, 2010

Garden Photos

Heaven is wandering through my garden, camera in hand and photographing nature in all its glory

The beautiful indigenous Scabiosa africana (Pincushion)  in my garden
I have a few Hollyhock (exotics) plants in my garden which reward me with stunning blooms every year
I love the way the sun shines through the flowers
On Thursday I posted a Macro photo of one of these butterflies. Here I managed to capture another one on the Acacia Karoo (Sweet thorn) which I posted on Skywatch last Friday
Clarice, our cat with the nicest nature, often sleeps under the shrubs at the top of the garden. She was the first of all the animals to befriend Shadow


  1. Good for Clarice. Give her a hug for me.
    Your photos are beautiful, Jo. I love the Pincushion. I've never seen one before.
    I have hollyhocks, however. (Not now, of course, it's just about winter.)
    I'm looking forward to some shots of those veggies, too.
    Give Shadow a hug for me, too. LOL
    Luv, K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Your flowers are so brilliant with light. Sure glad Shadow is being welcomed into the nest.

  3. Your flowers are heaven to gaze upon, even in photo form. Cute portrait of your almost hidden kitty.

  4. Oh how I love seeing flowers and butterflies this time of year ---now that we don't have any. We are at the end of fall --and winter is coming quickly.... Not much pretty color around here now. Yours is beautiful.


  5. I wished I could wander through your garden now, mine is all wet and naked, lol !

  6. Your garden is such a delight, Jo!

  7. I'm Loving Clarice! Nice shot!
    And the Hollyhock photo belongs in a magazine Jo! Stunning! Love All of them! Looks nice and warm there!

  8. Very nice photos. I really like the Clarice photograpy.

  9. Lovely flowers, Jo! Bly dat Shadow 'n maatjie het! x

  10. Hi Jo,
    Your flowers are so pretty; the Hollyhocks are gorgeous with the sun shining through.
    The picture of Clarice is priceless :)
    ☼ Sunny

  11. Hi Jo. I like all your photos, in fact I am quite envious ;) you have such lovely garden where you can see the wonderful beauty of nature in its wonderful colors!

    Looks like Clarice is really enjoying the beauty of your garden ;) Lucky cat!

    By the way, hubby's operation is scheduled on 1st week of December. Actually, with several sessions of physical therapy alone, he can walk without the crutches anymore but according to the Orthopedic doctor, his ligament is totally ruptured and there's no other way but to operate and take his ligament from his thigh and autograft it on his right knee.

    Have a blessed weekend my dear. God bless.


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