Saturday, March 3, 2012

Abby Kate Hedges

Yesterday I posted about the arrival of our third granddaughter and sixth grandchild, Abby Kate.   (BTW who remembers the 80's when every second baby girl was named Diana?) 

Thank goodness for modern technology because we feel that we've been part of her birth with the photos and phone text messages we received heralding her birth. She is the second child of our second and younger son, Angus and our daughter-in-law, Amanda. Their firstborn son, Joel is two years old and an absolute cutey.

Little Abby will be about four weeks old when we go out on leave to South Africa and we eventually see her in the flesh.

Abby Kate Hedges, mere minutes old,  voices her disapproval at being taken from the warmth of her mum's womb
Ah, that's better; nice and warm and cuddly!
I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. She looks like a large baby and healthy too! I'm sure you and Grant are looking so forward to meeting her in person :-)

  2. So glad it won't be too long before you get to meet Miss Abby in person.

  3. What a sweetie she is, Jo.
    Congratulations to Amanda and Angus and Joel on this wonderful addition to their family.
    Love, K

  4. Oh, Jo, I'm sorry I didn't get to your blog yesterday!! Congratulations on your newest granddaughter! And Abby is so beautiful! I know you're so excited about seeing her in the flesh! I remember when Joel was born and how excited you were! I'm so very happy for all of you!!


  5. "Hello Abby Kate, welcome to our world."

  6. What awesome pictures! The miracle of birth and the blessing of new life!

  7. Technology is wonderful that it can bring you so close to your family at a time like this. Enjoy Diane

  8. How thrilling a time for you and the rest of the family. There is such joy for us as grandparents when a new child is born. I am through with the gchildren and am now waiting for the first grandchild. My eldest is 20 and in his second year at university in chemical engineering so I am going to have to wait a while. Congratulatons to all of you. genie

  9. Beautiful, Jo! Just beautiful!!!

  10. Abby Kate looks healthy and strong. May the Lord bless her all of her days and may she grow up to love Him with all her heart, soul and mind.

    Modern technology is wonderful for keeping abreast of things like births! Congratulations to all of you. I guess Joel won't be able to hold his new baby sister for awhile.

    I don't know of any Dianas born in the early 80s--must've been a British/SA thing. I think there were lots of Katelyns/Caitlyns born around then in the US.



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