Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sunday Lunch

and other meals at Mwadui Guest House.

Nowadays I don't only have Johan and/or Borries and whichever "single man" is on site for lunch; instead I seat eight people for lunch and dinner at the Guest House, seven days a week. Breakfast is supplied (by me and one of the  ladies) in lunch boxes which are sent to the offices and workshops.

Sunday lunch at the Guest House is enjoyed in between a full day's work for the men. However, we've come a far way from the spaghetti and chicken pieces which was on the menu when Grant and I first arrived. Sunday lunch nowadays is roast meat, potatoes, two vegetables, a vegetarian dish (for moi!), a curried meat and rice, all followed by baked dessert and ice-cream

While all the men are quite easy to please  feed, Juhn from the Phillipines is my favourite. He eats absolutely everything you cook as long it's not too spicy. So there's always chicken, beef, pork or mutton for him, Grant and Marnitz. Of the other five men, four don't eat beef or pork, so we always have chicken or mutton curry. I've started making vegetable or lentil curries and sauces and so far I've not had any complaints!

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. They probably kiss your feet that Spaghetti sunday's are over ! lol !

  2. Goodness! Now I'm Hungry!!Hahaaa...Looks good Jo!

  3. Have they ever had such meals before you started doing this? I'll bet they really appreciate this. And you are busy!

  4. I can just imagine how much you and your wonderful meals are appreciate, Jo!! And you are indeed staying busy these days! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!


  5. All that cooking will surely keep you busy. It all sounds good.

  6. How blessed you all are to give and to receive such satisfaction by your actions...that was cool to see!

  7. It takes a lot of work and organization to cater for meals 7 days a week. I'm sure they are all much better fed these days. What do the men do for dinner?

  8. My goodness, Jo, don't you work too hard until you know that malaria is completely out of your system!
    Those men must be so happy, however. What feasts you prepare for them! No more spaghetti. LOL
    But will they ever let you go? You are irreplaceable just as yourself, but as a provider of fabulous feasts? Watch out, or they'll have you tied by the leg to a kitchen stove forever.
    Hugs to the cats!

  9. Wow, that is a lot of meals you prepare, Jo!! You are such a good planner and cook. So it's just you and one other woman who do all that cooking? I'm sure those guys really appreciate you. How many hours per day do you spend in preparing food?

  10. Wow, you are a wonder woman. How the men must love having you on site. It must make you feel good too, but it sounds a lot of work.


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