Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Handsome lad, excellent dad

While I was growing up, battery chickens were still in the future; we had real live chickens on the yard with fresh eggs for breakfast and our chicken dinners were wholly organic long before the phrase was coined.

Arriving at our house at Mwadui, I found an adult rooster with a young cockerel and pullet in tow.  I've subsequently posted about the chickens which hatched here in my yard and also in the Guest House chicken run. I brought the latter across to enjoy the freedom of my garden rather than grow up in a chicken coop.

We now have three hens with 23 chickens between them. And the adult rooster thinks every one is his own and treats them as such. He protects them against danger (me or the dogs who try to steal bits of bread and food I put out for them) and walks with each hen as she clucks and scratches around the garden. He also takes special care of the young pair which I mentioned above. A truly remarkable parent.
The resident rooster cares for his first offspring a young pair of fowl (middle photos), as well as three hens and their 23 chickens! You can see by his stance that he takes his responsibility as a parent very seriously!
A handsome lad with a fine voice too!

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  1. Wonderful pictures, Jo! From some of them, he looks as tall as I am, though....Scary!! :)

  2. How wonderful the little ones have such a protective dad, what with camp dogs running around, and goodness knows how much wildlife.
    He's a handsome fellow, too, isn't he?
    It's a good thing you're an early riser. LOL
    Luv, K

  3. With all these chickens you'll be writing an egg cookbook soon. He is a handsome lad.

  4. He looks tall and proud of his brood.

  5. Great post Jo! Aren't chickens entertaining?

  6. Wonderful Post, Jo! You always do my heart good when I read your blog. You are interested in so many things and strike me as a person who "can-do" (and does) whatever is necessary to make life better for men, women and animals around you. I'm sure Grant agrees!

  7. Your writing is humorous, Jo! This rooster behaves like a peacock:):)

  8. I've never seen this before--a rooster protecting his hens and chicks. This is great! It's the natural order of things. Thanks for sharing, Jo


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