Saturday, March 10, 2012

Another celebration in Mwadui!

Years back between 2003 and 2006 I worked for the gold mine client in Lero, Guinea, West Africa. Grant and his team, like now,  contracted for the client. Apart from being secretary to the maintenance manager, I was also the social secretary for the whole camp. When Karel arrived for his monthly visit this week, and Grant told him that I'd organized a special dinner for his birthday, he said: who told you it's my birthday? Grant laughed and said Jo remembers dates very well and remembers your 40 -something  birthday in Lero in 2005.

After a company meeting, we carried out the cake I'd baked that day and with one candle lit, we all sang to Happy Birthday to Karel, after which he did the traditional thing and blew out the flame!

BB's abound on camp. Here Karel photographs his cake to send home to wife,  Sonya in South Africa

Karel looked quite emotional while the lads sang to him
With the team: from left to right: Dipend, Narinda, Rajaman, Taufique, Karel, Marnitz (Karel's son), Grant, Juba and Juine

The above photo was taken in 2005 in Lero, Guinea, West Africa. This was the sixth cake I'd cut that month. Sonja, (the gorgeous blonde behind me) and Karel look on

Once again my Internet is acting like a MOST disobedient child. It has been off more times than on this week and I apologise to all of you for not being able to comment. I can see your posts on my dashboard but if I DO manage to get into the post, I usually can't upload a comment. So to all of you out there, I'm sure I'll soon be back online with more regularity and then I'll have a blog-visit FEST! Promise. Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. I know the feeling. We had the same problem in the area of Arusha - Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!
    The cake looks so delicious!

  2. Jo, you are wonderful treating everyone like family. I think everyone enjoys a party and cake. I'm sure some of the team really miss being away from their families. I hope you are well and have a great weekend!

  3. The social secretary indeed. I want to know how you are feeling?

  4. Jo, I'm so glad to see that you are up and over-coming that last bout with malaria! What a lovely thing that you remembered Karel's birthday in this way. God Bless you with many happy days in return. I too, know the frustration of the slow-speed internet connection. You do a remarkably good job of handling it and we get to share your experiences via this method. Wishing you every blessing.

  5. You have the gift of hospitality, Jo, bringing happiness to others. Karel looks so touched by your kindness in baking a cake for him on his birthday! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Hi Jo! Lovely to see the celebrations in Mwadui! I hope all is going well for you, slight envy at you being in the land I loved and lived in for 11 years! BBQs are so much the norm there too. We have Dutch friends in Handeni in Tanga, they were in Iringa and Laela and other places near Moshi for a while, they've been 32 years in the country! So we keep in touch with the country via friends - and now bloggers! I do miss Lynda's blog though I follow her on Facebook and dear God what a year she's had. I felt for her. Nice to read your posts! Catherine xxx

  7. Looks like you could have another job as social director. Oh, you're already doing it.

    Hope you are feeling better. And get your internet straightened out. It is very frustrating.

  8. Looks like I'm commenting in reverse today. I guess I am. Well, three posts from you, that's great.
    Glad you're enjoying your new home. (More photos of the cats when you can, please?)
    Luv, K


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