Saturday, March 31, 2012

Now this...

... is more like the life I know in East Africa!

On Monday evening we met up with friends, Andre and Amanda who work for the diamond company and whom we've gotten to know and like over the past eight weeks. We headed out of camp towards a large dam beyond town (the one which supplies all our water) to watch the sun go down and enjoy refreshments and each other's company at the old yacht club.
I was thrilled to see several rocky outcrops along the way. Grant stopped so that I could get photos!

First they took us on a tour along another huge dam further along. When we stopped on the dam wall, Amanda took out a box of goodies she'd  brought along for the smaller children living nearby. The first child, a young girl, just wouldn't approach Amanda even though she was holding out a gift. Then a small boy arrived, took the parcel and dashed off along the wall to show his family living on the other side of the dam. A few more youngsters arrived to whom Amanda handed out gifts of handmade pencil cases filled with school stationery, rulers, toffees and small toys.
The dam, wall and Amanda handing out gifts to the local children

Driving through a small village, we stopped while Amanda handed out clothes for the older children and more gifts for the little ones.
In the top two images Amanada is handing out clothes to youths on bicycles. The next images show the little ones in the village;  I just LOVE the little face peeking out behind the yellow shirt in the bottom left photo!

Then we drove back towards the yacht club. Here we had a score of little children who came to enjoy sodas which Grant and Andre bought from the barman, Adam.
Andre calls the children who came running as they saw the Mzungus!

The local children run towards the club for a treat of sodas and gifts!

Adam got the children into line while his assistant hands out the sodas

Some of the older children lean on the railing and enjoy their sodas near the Mzungu table!

A very tiny person with a large soda and toy tractor, made by Amanda. When I asked "nini" (what)  that was in his left hand, he said "GARI" (vehicle)

Amanda gave Adam the remaining gifts and asked him to hand them out

Afterwards the children came to the men and thanked them for the zawaidi (gifts) and sodas.  Then they went home, wherever that may be.

We then sat and enjoyed ...
... a spectacular sunset over the dam
And, later...
...watched a sickle moon rise over the water

*Sigh* What a lovely outing!

While this post is aired, we're flying from Dar to Johannesburg and then to Bloemfontein. I hope to log on again this evening and say hello to you all from our home.


  1. Wow---what a gorgeous place and I love that sunset. Your friends are so good to the local children. AWESOME.

    Have a safe trip.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time and the photos are fantastic. I was especially touched to see how your new friends were so thoughtful toward the children. God bless you all and may you have a wonderful and safe journey home.

  3. What a great stop over on the way to SA. Nice to have friends in many parts of the world. ;)

    Safe landing.

  4. Hi Jo, it is nice to meet your new friends and to see the children. The sunset and moon shots are gorgeous. Great post, I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Oh, what generous mzungus you all are! I'm one of those "Hakuna pesa" mzungus, meself. haha. A very few times I was able to do similar things tho - and it gives one a great feeling to be able to do that. You can begin to understand the meaning of the Bible verse more clearly that says, "It is more blessed to give than to receive." God bless you, Jo and Grant, and have a great holiday!

  6. Such generosity and caring for these children. Thanks for sharing. Love the sunset.

  7. Gorgeous sunset pictures and even the moon came out well !
    These children are so thankful, when I see our "breed" !


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