Friday, March 30, 2012

Our day in Dar Es Salaam

The Seacliffe Hotel where we're staying (Google image)

Grant and I are in Dar es Salaam between flying in from camp en route to Johannesburg and ultimately home. We had to stay over today to fill our appointments at the British High Commission in order to apply for UK visas, These are for a hotel later this year (June). We were on time, the officials at the British High Commission were professional, punctual and very helpful. I went first, and a few minutes later it was Grant's turn. After the electronic fingerprint and eye photo identification, Grant paid the amount required and the clerk behind the screen said we could collect our passports and visas on 18 April.


Grant told the clerk we had to have our passports today as we're flying out to SA tomorrow morning early. So everything had to be cancelled, the money credited and our passports returned to us. We have another appointment in Dar on Tuesaday 10 April at 8am. I believe that we will finally be issued with our UK visas.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day and a great weekend to everyone.

PS I have many photos of my own and will soon post about our day/stay in this vibrant and modern East African city!


  1. Wow ! you are on your way home !
    I thought already that you had Internet troubles and just wanted to check your blog when I saw your comment. Do you know the dates already when you are coming to the UK ? and how long do you stay and where ? Have anice flight home !

  2. not the best photo!
    but i di look on google and it looks absolutely fab

  3. Oh, that's too bad about the delay, but I'm glad you will be able to get your UK visas later in April.

  4. Jo and Grant, so sorry for the inconvenience you sufferred - but that's life in much of Africa. Your patience will pay off. Frustrating, yes! But patience is the virtue needed in most cases of this type. Had my worst day yesterday - but feeling perky again today. Thanks for always praying for me.

  5. Hi Jo, I was not sure where "home" is? You have lived in a few places since I have followed you but I understand now you are going home to England. That is cool, sounds like a great time. Take care and have a great weekend!

  6. Ah, the joys of bureaucratic paperwork.

    Looks like a nice hotel. Safe journey. You're almost there.


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