Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ginger's exercise regime

My dad calls me Plumpous, which is quite hurtful; I'm merely well-built. To show him and others how I keep fit I,  I've decided to post my exercise routine. I love mom's trampoline and below is my session on it.

The Routine

After all that strenuous exercise, I need to replenish my fuel

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  1. Ginger, your exercise routine is a lot like mine, although I avoid trampolines because I might fall off, because I'm clumsy. Not saying you are, though.
    Today I got more exercise than usual, walking with Lindy. We had to be out for four hours after the exterminator came to rid our house of ants.
    You are looking good there, Plumpous, er, Ginger.
    Love and hugs from Auntie Kay

  2. must have been tiring eh ;)

    Woof woof
    from Bozo
    Pets forever

  3. Ginger makes me feel bad!!Hahaaa...
    I Really need to get my exercise going!!

  4. What a neat playtime, Ginger is one lucky kitty.

  5. Oh, Jo! Yet another example of the writer's creative mind! Indeed! A cat exercising on the trampoline - and bragging to her friends about it! LoL.

  6. Ginger makes me laugh, especially with your comments. Sometimes my exercising turns out like Ginger's.

    Cats are such fun to watch.


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