Thursday, March 29, 2012

Off on a short break

Today we're travelling out of camp to Mwanza, the second largest city in Tanzania. From there we fly to Dar Es Salaam on the first leg of out short break out to South Africa. This afternoon, once we're booked into our hotel overlooking the sea, I'm taking a taxi into town. I need to buy cat food for our babies back in Mwadui. If I find the right products, I'll arrange for the next company truck travelling to the mine, to drop off the cases I buy. Our cats -  rescue, every one - are very fussy and it's been an endless battle to find them suitable food in Tanzania.

On Friday morning Grant and I have appointments with the British Embassy in Dar. We're applying for a visa to visit the UK in June.

In between I hope to catch up on my Internet banking, e-mails and of course, blogging.

On Saturday morning early we catch the first flight out to Johannesburg, South Africa. We connect with the domestic flight to Bloemfontein at 11.30 and just after midday we arrive in our favourite city. Another hour-and-a-half's drive to out home in the country where we meet out newest granddaughter ,Abby and become reaquainted with two-year-old grandson Joel.


  1. Have a wonderful trip HOME, Jo... I figured it wouldn't be long 'til you would go and see that new grandbaby.... I'm so happy for you!!!!!

    When are you going to the UK...

  2. Hope you have a wonderful, safe trip, Jo!! Enjoy your grandchildren!! I do look forward to pictures when you return!!


  3. I'm looking forward to photos of Abby and her big brother, Jo. Be safe.
    Luv, K

  4. How exciting to go on holiday. Hope it all goes smoothly and look forward to some SA posts.

  5. Enjoy your visit, Jo! Hugs. xx

  6. What fun for you and Grant, Jo. It will be fantastic for you to get to go to the UK where your sister lives. Have a safe trip.


  7. Oh my! On the move again!!
    Safe traveling and enjoy your visit!!


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