Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back in Bloggerland!

I have never been so remiss at posting on my blog as I've been this week. Please, dear friends and blog readers, forgive me. I have been ultra busy with an editing task for which I will receive payment. Whoo-hoo! In order to finish the assignment by the deadline of 5pm on Tuesday 8 May, I just put my head down, went through the long [95 page] legal, technical and historical document with a fine-tooth comb. Afterwards changed it on the computer.  For two days I didn't open my mails, I didn't visit blogger, I ignored Skype, I kept my Smartphone and its detraction hidden! Yep, I just worked at this job!

I can honestly say that it was one of the most intense missions I have ever undertaken! However, it was good for the old brain cells to really work and... I look forward to receive my reward!

(Now where did I save that invoice template? LOL)

Meanwhile, I had to keep an eye on my labour of love over at the Guest House. The new chef arrived on Tuesday morning, and although he knows how to cook and works incredibly fast and neatly, he has to be shown how we produce meals for nine hungry miners from diverse cultures. He is a fast learner, and of course, working alongside Salome, an excellent cook, already seems to be part of the team! 

Uh-oh. I been trying to upload images, and suddenly it's not happening. I'll post photos of James, the Guest House Chef in due course. Until then, I hope you're all having a wonderful week. 


  1. Hi Jo, I think everyone understands, your daily life and projects are important to you. We will all be here for your next post, take care.

  2. You do have a busy life, Jo! Thanks for taking the time to share with us! You always have great posts!


  3. Welcome back to blogland. Life does a way of taking over sometimes.

  4. I always check back!! You don't worry about posting...We know you're busy sweetheart!
    Don't over-do!!!

  5. Good ! you finally found a new cook ! and also nice is the fact that you finished your work ! Must have been quiet interesting !

  6. It's always nice to earn a paycheck. Blogging is fun, but certainly not lucrative.

  7. I completely understand your busy-ness preventing you from involvement in the blogosphere, Jo, as I have had recent times like that, too. Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. I hope the guys like the Italian comfort food, if your cooks do make it. It's good that you have a new cook who is a fast learner! I hope your internet reliability improves!
    (((hugs))) from Pat


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