Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cat ornaments

 Ambrose puts his scent on one of the baskets displayed in my African corner!

Over the past months since arriving in Tanzania, I've collected a few African artifacts; some I was given as gifts and others I bought. As much as I promised myself I wouldn't create an African corner in my house (this used to be a fad in the seventies) I eventually set up a display on the veranda. The one reason was that I knew my cats would be into the baskets in no time at all. And they were...

A while later, Ginger climbed into a flat fruit bowl and posed for me. I love the dappled sunlight playing across Ginger and the floor. The cats love this veranda which catches the morning sun and  is basked in afternoon sun as the day progresses
Even later still, Shadow climbed into the fruit bowl and had a bath!

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  1. Cats do love baskets!! These are such fun captures, Jo! Beautiful baskets and happy cats!!


  2. One, two, three...cats in Africa taking turns in the African corner. I love it, Jo. Great photos of three of my favourite fellows!

  3. A perfect bed and bath corner for the cats! Ginger and the baskets make a lovely still life shot.

  4. Lovely photos. Enjoy your trip to the UK, can't wait to hear of your adventures.

  5. At least your African collection is appreciated by your cats ! Who could resist such beautiful baskets when you are a cat !

  6. I really like the baskets. And obviously so do the cats.

  7. Good morning Jo. I'm finally catching up. Enjoyed all your posts from the cats to your shopping spree. My favorite story tho, was you getting a drink for the little girl at the market. You are the kind of person who is a life changer. You take action and make a difference. Very special.....

  8. Hahahaa.....Great kitty mats!!
    Love these special shots Jo!


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