Saturday, May 26, 2012

Trip to Mwanza

The fitting room in the shop had no clothes hooks;  a pail of dirty water and a mop stood in the corner and several rods across one mirror cut my image in half! 

While in Mwanza this week, I popped into a boutique to buy a few items of clothing for my UK trip. I found quite a selection. I wanted to try a few on, so I was shown to a fitting room in the corner of the shop. Inside I couldn't find any hooks to hang my clothes and the new ones onto, so I piled them on the not-too-clean floor. In the corner behind me was a pail of dirty water with a mop inside. The mirror to my left had curtain (clothing?) rails across it so my reflection was non-too-uniform. However, I took almost everything, feeling very pleased that I managed to kit myself out in one shop!  

As William had been so patient while I shopped for myself, I treated him to a chai (breakfast) down the road.
 William waits for his tea and mandazi while I take photos (once again the mirror cuts my image in half, LOL!) 

 Tea and mandazi (doughnut) is a popular breakfast in East Africa

 A little girl in the market

As we entered the market, I noticed a little girl clutching a small piece of mandazi. She was eating and crying at the same time. Her mother was unpacking her wares nearby so I asked what was the matter. She told me she wanted something to drink but she had no money. I took out Tsh2000/US$1.20 and told her to get some milk. 

When I left the market about an hour later, the little girl was playing in the sand. As she saw me, she ran to me and grabbed me around the knees shouting : "Bibi, Bibi" (grandmother!) 
A typical market scene

 Thanks for your comments. I'm still snowed under with work and preparations but hope to visit you - all before I leave for the UK early next week. 

Here's hoping you're all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. William looks like a wonderfully patient person with such a dainty way of eating too.
    So glad you comforted the little girl and what a reward you got!
    Happy travels dear friend!

  2. Hi Jo, You made a little girl very happy--just like you do to everyone you meet. You are such a caring and generous person. God Bless You...

    William is a great man --to take you shopping and patiently wait for you. Of course, you also take good care of him...

    Are you looking forward to your England trip? I'll bet you are. Glad you found some new clothes.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Well, the little girl was right, you ARE a grandmother, and with your grandchildren so far away, I'm glad you found a little one so you could do a bit of grandmothering. She's a cutie, isn't she?
    I hope you have a wonderful trip to the UK. I hope I get some photos of my new kitchen posted before you leave.
    Luv, K

  4. Thank you Grandmother for helping out others.

  5. Oh Jo, bless made that little girl and her mother's day...what a kind heart and beautiful spirit you have!
    Have a blessed weekend!

  6. The market looks like ones I've seen in Mexico and Central American countries. I am continually struck by your tenderheartedness toward children, Jo. You are so sweet to little ones.

    (((Hugs))) Pat

  7. Lol, I like this funny fitting room, at least something special. How sweet this little girl and the market looks so colorful, reminds me Morocco. So you start to prepare your UK trip ?

  8. Ah, Mama! Ulifanya kitu kizuri kwa mtoto akalia. And also for your helper. Leteni mandazi umojo kwa mimi pia! O.K.? Thanks Jo - for the good memories through your blog.

  9. Oh Jo! You are SOOO kind....The little girl crying Grandmother about broke my heart!!Hahaa...
    I Also want one of those donuts...They look like Beignets that are popular in New Orleans, Louisiana.....Yummy!!
    Enjoy your day sweet friend!

  10. Napenda mandazi! (I love mandazi!) I think they're not as heavy or oily as regular doughnuts. William looks like he's very relaxed easy going hakuna matata kinda guy! The best kind for a driver who's gotta keep his cool in Tz driving conditions and traffic!
    Have a great time in UK and I look forward to more nostalgia posts from Tanzania!


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