Friday, May 25, 2012

Sun setting over Mwadui

Last night as Grant and I walked from our house to the Guest House, he exclaimed at the beauty of the last rays of the sun on the baobab tree in our street. I did a swift about-turn, dashed back to our house and returned with my camera. (I could see him making a "mental note to self" not to mention anything blogworthy to wifey! LOL!) 
The setting sun on the baobab which towers against the blue sky of Mwadui

The actual reason why I'm doing this post, is for an English gentleman who contacted me once I started posting about Mwadui. He grew up here  in the sixties and has many fond memories of the town and enjoys posts I do about the area. 

Living in the UK now again, he mentioned that summer had arrived there (thank goodness, as I cannot survive in the cold!) and I quote:
"at the moment I am looking at clear blue sky here, just like my memories of Mwadui". 

So when I saw the sun and sky around the baobab tree last evening, I just had to capture it for him.

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  1. Beautiful shots Jo. Is it a Bracbychiton? We have two here, the Brachychiton which is deciduous as well as an evergreen that grows in the shape of a bulbous bottle.

  2. The baobab tree is so stately and even better with the sunshine.

  3. It does look as if the sun is setting only on the Boabab tree. Very nice.

  4. Love the tree and the beautiful sky, Jo! Beautiful images. Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. The baobab tree is amazing-looking! It looks like roots sticking up in the air from a massive trunk. The golden sunlight really highlights the majestic tree.

  6. That tree is so fascinating!


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